GTA Online will triple Bodyguard/Associate Salaries to give players more cash. It's a great chance to get rich faster for GTA Online players. Check out how to join and earn triple cash from this job.

I. How To Get Bodyguard/Associate Job

GTA players need to The Contract DLC. Bodyguards/Associates are new jobs in this version. Rockstars will ask for more players in GTA Online to become Bodyguards/Associates. Then, they will get triple the normal earnings from this work. It's one of the best reasons for many players to spend money on this DLC. It's one of the best ways to earn money in GTA 5.

Triple Money Job
Get a high-paid job this week.

To get this giant earning, you need to become a Bodyguard/Associate first. It's not easy to get this high-paid job and earn this big sum of GTA cash. Players have to do one of these two actions to get the job first, including:

  • Open the Interaction Menu to find a job.
  • Get contacted by a VIP or CEO directly, through a series of texts.

After becoming the Bodyguard/Associate for your boss, you need to keep your VIP or CEO safe and secure from any threats. As a bodyguard or associate, you have a special ability to regenerate your health faster than normal people. But you need to stay close to your boss to make this skill active. The speed of health recovery also relies on the level of your client.

Protect Vip And Earn Triple Cash
Protect the VIP and earn triple cash.

Moreover, the bodyguard and associate can also request their CEO/VIP to provide specific vehicles. You will be provided with the necessary tools to protect your boss, such as a defensive truck or escape car. All you need to do is perform your fighting, defending, and driving skills to protect the VIP.

II. Bodyguard/Associate Salaries & Rewards

The Bodyguard/Associate job in The Contract DLC will give players triple cash rewards this week. You usually get GTA$ 5,000 per 15 minutes. But this week, you can earn GTA$ 1,000 per minute. It triples the normal salary. Moreover, you can earn a 10% raise after completing organizational jobs successfully. But $250 will be deducted from your salary if your boss is taken down.

Moreover, you can earn a lot of Reputation Points (RP) from this job.  In specific, Bodyguards get 100 RP per minute while Associates earn 200 RP per minute. The higher level you are, the more items you can unlock. Don't miss this wonderful opportunity to earn triple money and a lot of RP to level up faster this week.

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