There are countless online casinos available today, so you might expect there’s a distribution of quality, too. One of the most awkward parts of getting started enjoying and playing in online casinos is trying to distinguish the bad from the good. It’s not always easy to know what to look for, even for seasoned players, since new tricks and standards are always popping up. 

Today, we’re going to look at some of the best ways to separate the good online casinos from the bad ones. 

Ukgc Set Rules Online Operators


It’s a simple one, and no doubt one that many would know to look out for, but it needs to be mentioned. In the U.K., there are currently 175 licensed online casinos according to sites like casinopick. There are many, many more that are unlicensed, and run illegal online casinos that are not regulated in any way. These licenses, if the online casino has them, will be easy to find. It's better to check on these licenses before you play UK online blackjack or any other games to ensure that you're betting with a legit operator.

While a license doesn’t automatically mean an online casino is good, it is certainly the first step you should take to evaluating their quality. With a license, you’ll know that this online casino is regulated by the U.K. gambling commission, adheres to their rules and protects their bettors. 

Without certification, the casino is operating illegally, and is most likely out to get your money—the odds will be stacked against you. 

Deposit and withdrawal methods 

The worst way an online casino can be ‘bad’ is by putting your funds at risk. So, one of the key things to look out for when choosing an online casino is the security of their deposit and withdrawal methods. Debit cards, like VISA, are easily the most reliable and secure. Any major online casino should offer an option for bank card withdrawals and deposits, so if a casino doesn’t offer this option, it may be best to stay away. 

PayPal is probably the other most common and reliable option. Their security is robust and their service is quick and easy, making them a popular choice. Again, PayPal is pretty ubiquitous nowadays, so you should expect to find it as an option on any reliable site. 

Ultimately, the security of your money is of utmost importance in online casino gaming. As long as your funds are safe and secure, it’s really up to your personal preference to choose a site you like. 

Try the casino 

So, once you’re sure that the casino you’re looking at is secure, now it’s really down to what you want out of the casino. A casino that might be great for you might not be so for others, and vice versa. So, what you’ll have to do to get the best idea of what you’re looking for is try the casinos out.

You can start by depositing only a small amount, without an eye to any serious winnings. Trying out the games this way is really the only way that you’ll be able to decide whether a casino is right for you. 

There can be hundreds of different games offered by different casinos, and each one may do the same game very differently. Playing the games allows you not only to get a sense of the individual casino, but also what it is exactly that you’re looking for out of the game. 

After you’re certain it’s certified and its payment methods are secure, you’ll just have to try it out to find out if it’s right for you. 

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