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Innovation and being able to adapt to trends are some of the key aspects of a successful business. The same applies to online and land-based casinos that seemingly offer the same type of content for ages. 

These sites and apps have done a great job when it comes to following trends, and are now available on mobile and allow even cryptocurrency payments. However, what can they do to attract a younger audience of gamers? Well, one way is definitely to make their games feel like popular video games that millennials play. Luckily, there are several titles that do a great job and that in a way revitalize existing casino content. Here we will go over a few well-executed casino games that hardcore gamers might find appealing. 

How Do Skill-Based Slot Games Work?

Slot experiences are carefully constructed, they mainly rely on RNG, probability, and number of paylines. This way they can accurately calculate what are the chances of someone winning, and determine the slot's RTP rate. This tells casinos how much of the total money spent on the slot can be allocated as their profit for hosting the game. This is also a reason why it is so difficult to make a skill-based slot experience because it makes it impossible to calculate the revenue and because the two concepts are not compatible, to begin with.

Luckily through some careful innovations, developers have found a way to make it work. They simply built a skill-based gaming experience on top of the slot experience. So, let’s go over a few games to demonstrate how this works.   

Space Invaders Slot

Any old-school gamer is very familiar with Space Invaders, and they can play it as a slot game now. This slot arcade was created by Scientific Games, and it basically has space invader gameplay built into it. 

Once you match enough symbols to enter the bonus round you will start to play space invaders. If you manage to hit top-tier ships your rewards will be significantly multiplied, whereas the ships from the first row offer a smaller increase in the reward. In all honesty, this is a good way to approach the issue and Scientific Games made good use of the bonus round concept. However, there is one minor issue with this. The game aims to attract a younger audience and most of the people who play space invaders are now in their mid-thirties. 

Younger players are usually students, who might not even have a bank account, since they don’t really need one. Luckily there are different ways they can pay in order to play these games, one of which is cryptocurrency. They definitely have cryptos if they are miners, additionally, there are even pay by sms casinos where they can sign up and pay via a mobile operator.  This definitely makes it easy for them to enjoy online casino games. Additionally, students love playing battle royale and first-person shooter, so the next entry might be a better match for this audience. 

Danger Arena Arcade

Danger Arena created by GameCo is a perfect example of a casino skill game. It’s a first-person shooter where you need to kill as many robots as possible, however, the RNG element is cleverly placed within the robots. Some of your enemies are invincible and you don’t know that until you tried to kill them and already spent some of your ammo. It’s basically a concept of a slot game transformed into FPS. 

You spend money on a spin but sometimes you win something, and sometimes there are no winning combinations. Danger Arena is way more engaging and entertaining, which is why younger people love it. 

Pac-Man Battle Casino

Jugar Pac Man En Android Sin Conexion

Finally, you can even play a battle royale version of Pac-Man with your friends where the winner takes all of the wagered money. Pac-Man Battle Casino is created by Gamblit Gaming, and puts a neat twist on a popular arcade. More importantly, the gameplay is social, which is definitely something that younger players love to see. 


These were some creative casino games ideas that could definitely improve over the years. Overall, it is good to see that the industry is heading in this direction and that they are trying to create a more engaging experience. It would be fun to have work on more releases for VR, and Danger Arena is one example of a good casino game that is compatible with that playstyle. 

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