Undoubtedly, casino bonuses are one of the best ways to step up your game. All providers are offering promotions to attract users, and sometimes, they can be really good, such as the betano bonus offers. If you want to maximize your gambling profits, you should know how to use these. As a new player, you will receive welcome offers, and as an already registered client – you will be able to use a lot more promotions. All you need is a proper strategy, otherwise, there is no point in taking advantage of the bonuses. Today we are about to give you some tips on stepping up your game with bonuses.


Don’t be tempted by the maximum amount

Many players choose the bonus with the maximum amount/percentage without looking at the terms and conditions, which in this case, are pretty important. Let’s say there is a payout requirement of $100, and the maximum amount that can be claimed - $200. You have already earned $150, and you see that you are losing money – then stop. Don’t be tempted to get to the maximum amount since this may result in losing the winnings you have gained. This is how to step up your strategy and get the most out of your bonus.

Free Spins – low/medium variance slots

There are many betting providers that offer free spins bonuses to their players. If you are a fan of slots game – this bonus may be tempting for you. However, in order to get the most out of it, you will need a proper strategy. First – read all the requirements to see what is the minimum amount of deposit, as well as for withdrawal. Second – when there are free spins, the low and medium variance slots are the ones that should be played. They have a low-house edge, which gives the player a bigger winning edge over the machine and a higher chance of making more profits. 

Don’t rush 

There are many players who rush when they receive a bonus, and this is a mistake. Before using your free spins, free games, or free bet, you need to read through the requirements, to choose the right game (this sometimes includes playing some games for free in order to choose the best one), and build a strategy. Furthermore, the strategy should include an exit too – if the bonus is being wasted – you better stop and change the way your play.

Check your progress

Another way to give an edge to your gaming strategy is to always check your progress. Many online casinos offer a loyalty/VIP program, as well as specific bonuses for loyal customers. If you bet often – then you should be checking your progress and ensuring that you will receive the most of the bonuses and promotions offered by the provider you have chosen.

Stepping up your game with a good bonus strategy is possible, so make sure you have one. There are some commonly made mistakes such as rushing to use the whole bonus once it has been received, as well as not reading through the wagering requirements. Casinos attract users with bonuses, make sure you know how to use these in order to get out the best of them.