The Chinese Volleyball League (CVL) is a professional volleyball league in China that features both men's and women's teams. The kabaddi odds present at 1xBet are very good, and the same can be said about the rates for wagering on volleyball matches.

The league was founded in 1996, and it has grown in popularity and competitiveness over the years. Today, the CVL is widely regarded as one of the top volleyball leagues in the world.


Some of the main aspects of this league include:

  • there are 14 teams in total;
  • all squads are allowed to have both Chinese and foreign players;
  • and also, most teams play a regular season with 26 matches in total.

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A tournament that displays a fantastic level

One of the key features of the CVL is the high level of play on display. The league has produced numerous world-class players, including Olympic champions and MVPs. The level of competition is also reflected in the league's success on the international stage. This is because constantly there are Chinese teams performing well in regional and world championships. Needless to say, the website allows you to wager on all those powerful teams too.

Another notable aspect of the CVL is the strong fan support for the teams. Volleyball is a very popular sport in China, and fans are known for their passionate support of their local teams. The league attracts large crowds to its matches, with some teams regularly selling out their home venues. Of course, the 1xBet platform also allows its punters to wager on all matches from the entertaining CVL too.

Putting men’s and women’s sport at the same level

The CVL has also been at the forefront of efforts to promote gender equality in sports. The league was one of the first in the world to introduce equal pay for men's and women's teams. Also, it has been a leader in promoting women's sports more broadly in China. The live volleyball streams online from 1xBet features all kinds of great volleyball competitions, including the most important one from China.

Overall, the Chinese Volleyball League is a truly amazing and world-class professional sports league. With high-level competition, passionate fans, and a commitment to promoting gender equality, the CVL is a shining example of what a modern sports league can be. There are fantastic live streams at 1xBet online from volleyball matches, which can be used for following the sport but also for making winning wagers.