Slots have a great history, but you may be unfamiliar with the vast background that surrounds one of the most popular casino games. The timeline began decades ago and hasn’t yet ended, with future advancements that are being trialled in the current day.

It would be too much to look at every year in slot game developments, but here are a few key dates to look back on. If you want to delve deeper into Slots and their humble beginnings, leading to where they will potentially end up in years to come, then read on!



Starting from the beginning – the idea of Slots was born during the 1800s. Their first appearance in saloons across America weren’t as the Slots we know today. They were known as novelty machines that were toy horses – they raced when you dropped a coin into the slot. Betting on the horses began when the saloon owners realised how popular they were becoming.

Patrons bet on a horse and a saloon owner may have potentially given those who had successfully betted, a minted metal token, which they could exchange for drinks or cigars.

Even though this wasn’t a typical slot machine, it sure began what was to come - like the creation of the Liberty Bell slot, which was the first variation of the modern mechanical slot machine!


Moving on through the years to the return of soldiers from World War II, Slots were in high demand, as people no longer had the war to think of. Instead, governments were thinking of how to make a return after the war – this especially included ideas on tax revenue. This is where Slots came in.

During the 60s, the first fully electromechanical slot machine was created, which was called Money Honey – this led to the boost of electronic games available. This machine was the first to have an automatic payout of up to 500 coins.

Now, you can find much bigger payouts, coming in a variety of forms, but imagine how grand this was during the 60s!


From the 1920s up to now, the slot scene has changed drastically - much of their evolution comes from their move into the online world. Most people now play Slots on their electrical devices, where you can take your favourite game on the go – replicating a land-based venue anywhere you are.

As you’d expect, there are more opportunities when it comes to these modern-day Slots, like bonuses and live chat features. This, you may be familiar with, but further advancements in technology have allowed for more possibilities.

Playing Slots through the Virtual Reality (VR) world has been made possible, but they are still being trialled – it won’t be long until you’re enjoying all of your favourite games through the 4D experience!


Looking at how Slots started and where they are now, it’s highly likely that there will be even more upcoming possibilities. So, what else is in store for the future of Slots?