Like every other card game, rummy usually involves a deck of cards and two or more players. The game is won by the first player to get rid of all the cards handed to them at the start of the game. According to history, card games are said to be one of the oldest games in the world. At the time of invention, these games were not played with actual paper cards but with cards made from coins, rocks, sticks, swords, and other materials that may serve the purpose.

Card games, in general, are popularly said to originate from 9th century China, although certain historians claim an earlier origin that dates as far back as the Egyptian biblical era. However, no matter how far back these origins date, there were no concrete signs or evidence of the kind of items that people were possibly playing them with. Perhaps the rummy is one of the modern versions of some of the earliest card games.

The origin of rummy: China or Spain

Like most other card games, the origin of rummy has always been a topic for debate. Several stories, theories, and evidence have been used to suggest different origins of the game. Some versions of these stories suggested Spain as the origin of the game, while others suggested Britain, Mexico, or China, amongst many others. However, the China story might seem more plausible since most card games were said to have generally originated in China. Also, there was a Chinese card game known as Mahjongg, which is believed to be similar to rummy in its style of play and strategies used to draw and discard the cards. Chinese Mahjongg is a card game said to have been around for over a thousand years. It is also said to have spread to India from China - birthing another theory of the game originating in India.

Indian Rummy

When you listen to each version of the game’s origin stories, you'll find that they are backed up with seemingly reasonable evidence to suggest their authenticity.

The Mexican history

The Mexican version of the origin story of the game tends to claim the presence of a certain card game known as Conquian in the 1890s – a reasonable historical fact to prove that the game originates from Mexico. Also, the fact that Conquian is a 40-card deck game reported to be played quite similar to how rummy is played drives the point home. Overall, when you listen to the Mexican version of the game's origin, you start to get convinced about Mexico being the true origin of the game, not until you hear of the evidence backing up several other claims, especially the Chinese Mahjongg theory.

How the name ‘rummy’ came about

The rummy game is popularly said to have gotten its name from the word 'rum,' a famous British slang that means strange. Perhaps the British saw the game as odd when they first came across it, hence the name. In contrast, many others believe that the name of the game was derived from rum poker, a game said to be the forefather of all rummy games, while others have said it was derived from the alcoholic beverage known as rum.

Rummy Game

However, the fact that the name of the game is traceable to the British may perhaps be another evidence to link Britain with the origin of the game, among several other seas of evidence linking the game's origin to various nations and continents.

Evolution of the game

Rummy is very simple to learn and very entertaining to play. Over the years, the game has grown in popularity across different nations and continents. The game has also evolved a great deal into various forms over the years. Some of the prevalent versions of the game include the 13-Card rummy, which is the most popular in India, the 21-Card rummy, the Gin Rummy, the Contract Rummy, etc. Over the years, each of these versions has further evolved into more categories, with specific peculiarities in the game rules.

The advent of technology in this day and age has also contributed a lot to the growth and popularity of rummy, as it is now very much available to be played on smartphones online. You can now play rummy online for real money by staking your money on the game, and since it is a game of skill, you can stand a chance to win big if you are quite skillful at it.

This development has made the game more accessible and popular globally. One of the most available Rummy game versions to play online is the pool rummy which is based on rounds similar to the point rummy. It is played until the last player accumulates over 101 or 201 points.


Rummy is a simple and entertaining game to learn and play. Although there are some uncertainties surrounding its origin, there is no doubt that the game has evolved significantly over the years, with rising popularity throughout many nations and continents. Today, it provides many people with the opportunity to earn real money by playing it online. Don't forget Parimatch today for a fantastic casino experience.

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