Winning a big jackpot in a casino is the dream of every player, sung by folklore and overgrown with numerous legends. No matter how mythical the prospect of winning a huge amount may seem, its reality is confirmed by stories of incredible victories. One of them was told to the world in his book "American Roulette" by the famous gambling expert Richard Marcus.

Working as a dealer at the Four Queens casino, Richard knew virtually every gambling addict in Las Vegas. One of them was a Four Queens regular named Wacky. One day this player told Richard his story - so incredible that it was difficult to believe it was true. However, Wacky’s story was confirmed by casino staff.

Ten years ago, being a bum who begged at the train station during the day and moonlighting in the evening, Wacky came to the casino to play slots and roulette. He played slot games more often, as roulette was expensive for him. However, it was Christmas Eve: during the day he had amassed a good amount and could afford to play roulette instead of slots. He bet the dollar folded in half on the number 4. Luckily, the wheel stopped at a four, and Wacky won $ 35.

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Inspired by his luck, Wacky repeated the bet and number 4 brought him $1,225. The third consecutive bet on 4 provided the player with a profit of $4,725. After that the casino manager replaced the croupier. However, this did not save the casino from losing. Wacky bet 4 for the fifth time, and the wheel, as if by magic, stopped at 4. Wacky’s five-time roulette win remains the official Las Vegas record to this day.

Members of the Nevada Gambling Commission confirmed the absence of an error in the operation of the roulette wheel in the Four Queens the next morning. The casino administration invited them to prove the dishonesty of Wacky victory and to avoid similar incidents with other players. However, as it turned out, the bum won $12,000 at roulette honestly.

Furthermore. Wacky continued the game, moving to the blackjack tables and then to the craps tables. Everywhere he was accompanied by incredible luck including various slot games. By the morning, the man's profit was $1 million in total. When Wacky left the Four Queens, managers suggested that he leave the money in the casino safe. So, he did, but he took the lucky dollar, which brought him the very first prize, with him.

Waking up in the morning in a luxurious suite, Wacky went to the casino. He lost his million within the next week. Before pushing him out of the casino and hotel onto the street, the manager offered him to sell the lucky dollar for $100. Wacky refused. The next evening, he was arrested at a Four Queens hotel gift shop for stealing a $ 1 chocolate bar. After listening to the player's story, Richard asked him why he didn't pay for the chocolate with the dollar he had left? The reply was as follows: "That was my lucky dollar. I didn't want the Four Queens casino to get it."