The wide variety of heroes and the breadth and depth of strategic and tactical options in Overwatch may seem daunting at first if you’re new to the game, but some of them offer an easier time than others for your first time in the world where heroes never die. Here’s everything you need to know about the best Overwatch heroes for new players.

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What makes a hero newbie-friendly in Overwatch?

As a rule of thumb, the more similar it is to traditional FPS characters and playstyle, the easier it will be to pick up by someone who’s playing Overwatch for the first time. This can mean easy-to-use abilities or just overly powerful primary weaponry. Both can serve as a great way to ease yourself into the gameplay flow of Overwatch, and there’s no one stopping you from progressing to the more complicated characters later down the line either!

This accessibility plays a large part in Overwatch’s popularity as an esport, both in the eyes of the general viewing audience and those interested in Overwatch betting thanks to its robust competitive scene. Without further ado, here are the most notable newbie-friendly heroes in the game for you to try:

Soldier 76

There’s a reason Overwatch immediately puts you in Soldier 76’s shoes for the tutorial segment as you start out playing the game: his playstyle is the closest to that of general nameless FPS protagonists, with high mobility, a standard automatic rifle, Helix Rockets as an alt-fire option and Tactical Visor as an ultimate, which is essentially a legal version of aimbotting that automatically tracks and locks onto opponents when it’s active.

It is everything you want from an introductory character and more, with healing also playing a part of Soldier 76’s toolkit in the form of Biotic Field: though it’s undoubtedly inferior to what dedicated healers can dish out, it can still go a long way in a pinch, and the fast movement speed of the character allows for some neat little small-scale supporting plays with the ability.

The ease of understanding Soldier 76’s abilities combined with a traditional primary weapon and a higher-than-usual movement speed thanks to his passive sprint ability makes him the perfect starting point for newbie Overwatch players.

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Believe it or not, having what is essentially a second health bar in the form of your mech makes for a very robust character and inarguably the best starting point for tank players in Overwatch. Again, she is a fairly mobile hero, especially once you consider the role she is designated to play, thanks to Boosters. The fact that she’s therefore expected to move around the map and fight aggressively rather than serve as a damage soaker is also a great perk for beginner players.

The Fusion Cannons are also unique in the game by virtue of the fact that they do not require reloading whatsoever, which is pretty incredible, even factoring in the damage drop-off at range. Defense Matrix, meanwhile, received multiple nerfs over the course of Overwatch’s life cycle and it still remains a potent tool to significantly reduce incoming damage.

That’s not all: you see, the battle isn’t anywhere near over if your mech is taken out. D.Va continues the fight on foot from that point on, with a long(er)-range Light Gun. She can call down a fresh mech with her ultimate when in this form, resetting the fight again. Should she use her ultimate while still inside the mech, it turns the machine into a humongous bomb with the Self-Destruct ability, which can serve as an incredibly potent bombing run against entrenched enemies.


A straightforward yet potent healing character, she has long been the cornerstone of many pro team compositions. As a dedicated support character, you’ll be playing at the backline, allowing you more time and space to figure out the finesse of the gameplay. The auto-targeting aspect of her primary gun (regardless of whether you’re using the healing beam or the damage-augmenting one) makes her fairly easy to use on a mechanical level.

Ultimately, it’s her ultimate that makes Mercy such a special character, as the ability to resurrect a fallen teammate in the middle of a brawl can single-handedly win you the critical encounter, and with it, the match.


The robust teamplay and the wide character pool are a big part of what makes Overwatch such a special game to experience, either in solo queues or with friends. The heroes listed above serve as a great starting point for anyone who hasn’t yet tried the game for themselves, allowing for an easier time for lobbies filled with players of different experience levels.

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