The Relationship Between Gambling and Video Game

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Examine the connection between the elements of classic casino gambling and video games, and how these two types of entertainment borrow from one another.

Although the connection between video games and gambling might not seem as obvious to some people, there actually is a strong bond between the two. Of course, not all video games contain the elements of gambling, but these elements can be found in the vast majority of video games on the market. Regardless of what you play, a triple-A product from a large developer or an indie game developed by just one person, a successful game almost always contains the elements of gambling in it. More so, large corporations often employ the elements of gambling in their games to increase player engagement and even make extra money off of their projects.

Today, we are going to examine the connection between the elements of classic casino gambling and video games. You are likely to be surprised by how much they borrow from one another and how these two types of entertainment borrow from one another.

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Historic Context

Gambling is one of the most ancient types of entertainment people have invented with records dating back to the times of Ancient Egypt and Sumer. Video games, though, are a relatively recent invention that has only become possible thanks to the advancements in computing technologies at the end of the 20th century. Casinos have also evolved taking advantage of the evolving tech.

Casinos have been around for centuries, and now we have online casinos any player can access from a computer or a smartphone and play for real money. Casinos also pay much more attention to making their games engaging and coming up with new twists on the classic formula. The slot machines become more interactive with new features added to them, you can now play poker with people from all around the world without leaving your house, and you can enjoy all the classic casino entertainments on your phone. All of this makes the line between the two types of digital entertainment a bit blurry.

Right now, we have games that rival movies and books in terms of plots and narration quality. Take games like the Witcher developed by the Polish company CD Project Red, this game offers an exciting plot, strong characters, amazing gameplay, and curiously, it has a built-in card game called Gwent. You can play it for in-game money, which is basically gambling. If you want to know more about Polish games, you can check out the list of best Polish casinos with great online games and see what they have in store. The Witcher is a great example of how gambling and video games blend together to create an outstanding experience for the players. In this context, we can see how these two types of entertainment have mixed together to create an awesome combination of genres.

Problem Gambling and Gaming

The research around the connection between gambling addiction and gaming has been going on for years now, and the researchers have been pushing for the ban on the elements of betting or other kinds of gambling in video games available for children. The problem here is that some of the modern games have mechanics and gameplay elements that are resembling of actual casino experience. While this might not be so much of a problem for adult players, it all gets problematic when it comes to kids.

Children are more likely to adopt the new behavioral patterns, which is why exposing them to such entertainment from the early years might be dangerous. The problem here arises when the kids partake in gambling activities that are deliberately included in video games by the developers to squeeze some extra money out of the players.

The most common issue people talk about on the internet is loot boxes. Basically, those are packs of in-game items you can purchase for real money without actually knowing what’s in the box. You buy a pack of random items hoping you’ll get the good ones to gain an advantage over other players. This makes it easier for the kids to pick up gambling and more likely to develop the addiction. While most adults can control their behavior when they enter a casino, if you condition people to engage in such behavior from an early age, they would be more likely to develop harmful habits.

Things to Keep in Mind

Both types of digital entertainment are becoming increasingly better in terms of graphics, mechanics, and storytelling. Video games are no longer just for kids as they oftentimes have complex stories with riveting characters that might not be as accessible for the kids. At the same time, the developers and distributors come up with new ways to capitalize on children and make money off of them.

Children can be easily tricked into making online purchases, which is why governments around the world consider banning games that contain such features as loot boxes. All of that is meant to protect kids from developing addictions in the early stages of development and to secure their parents’ money. There are stories of kids draining their parents’ bank accounts dry by buying Fortnite skins or purchasing player card loot boxes in FIFA, and those cases are something to keep in mind if you let your kids play such games. At the same time, the governments should not prohibit adult players from doing whatever they want with their money, whether they want to go to an actual casino or buy loot boxes.

Final Thoughts

Video games and gambling surely are interconnected in more than one way. The two types of entertainment borrow ideas from one another to both improve their quality and make more money, which is totally normal from the business point of view. However, there is a problem of kids developing harmful habits because of that, which might have a detrimental effect on their future development. That is exactly why both gambling and video games need to be regulated to a certain degree to make sure people have fun and not harm their own well-being while enjoying their games.

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