There are several aspects to developing a video game, from the gameplay and storyline to the mechanics and character design. However, today we are specifically going to be focusing on the graphics of video games. The importance of graphics cannot be understated. Not only are they essential for immersing the player, but they also help to convey the tone and mood of a game. Let’s not forget that graphics just make everything prettier to look at. So, let’s talk through some of the best graphic styles that are commonly found in video games. Read on if you want to find out what our top picks are.

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1. Hyper-Realistic Graphics

The biggest blockbuster games always seem to feature hyper-realistic graphics nowadays. In the past, it was difficult for developers to create high quality visuals because their software wasn’t strong enough. As a result, old games with ‘hyper-realistic’ graphics were always laughable. In 2020, this is a completely different story. Graphics have come on in leaps and bounds – so much so that sometimes you can’t tell if the visuals are real or not. This has led video games to become more immersive than ever before. The attention to detail for hyper-realistic graphics is astounding, allowing players to truly lose themselves in the fictional world.

2. Retro-Style Graphics

Hyper-realistic visuals might be popular at the moment, but retro-style graphics have been a longstanding favourite among gamers. Retro games inspire a sense of nostalgia and they are still compulsively playable after all these years. They usually have bright neon colours with dark backdrops and kitschy set designs, drawing inspiration from the 1980s arcades. You can find games with retro-style graphics most commonly on online casinos like where there are vintage fruit machines. Gaming companies will often re-release their retro classics for nostalgic fans, too. So, even though technology has advanced, there is still clearly a place for 8-bit video games in the market.

3. Cartoonish Graphics

Cartoonish graphics were first introduced to video games when computer software became more advanced and capable of processing bigger data. Now, cartoony graphics are one of the most popular visual styles in video games. As opposed to hyper-realistic graphics, cartoon games aren’t supposed to look like real life. Instead, they present players with a highly stylised version of the real world. For example, the trees in the game will be clearly recognisable as trees, but they will also look completely different. They might be different colours, have an abstract shape, or imprinted with a strange texture. Cartoonish graphics are a brilliant way to give the video game a distinct sense of personality. Mystery games might use dark, gothic visuals to convey tone – whilst life-simulation games tend to use lighter colours and cutesy designs.

These are our favourite graphic styles for video games of all time. We love how immersive hyper-realistic visuals can be and we have a fond place in our heart for retro 8-bit games. Meanwhile, the fun and flair of cartoonish graphics means we couldn’t leave this style off our list.