There is certainly a big gap in the market when it comes to horse racing video games, as it is the one sport that developers are yet to truly crack. Many players can enjoy a number of exciting titles on their mobile devices, but the need for a solid console title remains evident in the market.

However, throughout gaming history, developers have attempted to make in-roads in the sector, but nothing has yet scratched that itch that horse racing fans crave. But, what are some of the most popular titles that remain on the market that should be revisited?

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Starters Orders

One of the most popular titles in terms of horse racing games available video gamers is Starters Orders. This franchise has been around since the early 2000s, which highlights just how enjoyable players have found the title throughout history. There is also a storyline for players to navigate, as they can train a string of horses and manage the races in which the stars target across the world.

Many fans of the game have drawn comparisons to Football Manager given the detail in which the game goes into, as fans can see up-to-date race cards, betting markets and the different types of races that can be targeted. It is arguably the most tailor-made horse racing game on the market for those that avidly follow the sport.

Gallop Racer 2006

Gallop Racer 2006 is one of the titles that could certainly be the template for future games to follow when it comes to creating a perfectly enjoyable experience for horse racing fans. This title was developed by Tecmo and was released on the PlayStation 1 and PlayStation 2. Players will mostly enjoy the career mode experience, as you are able to modify your jockey, before then breeding your own horse in which you will compete with.

However, completing the Triple Crown challenge in the game can often be difficult, as you will need to win three specific races that only come around once a year; just as they do in real life. Meanwhile, you can pick up bonuses for winning certain classifications of races, and winning by a certain number of lengths.

Phar Lap: Horse Racing Challenge

One of the most accessible horse racing titles on the market is Phar Lap: Horse Racing Challenge. The title is available n the Nintendo Switch, as well as PlayStation 4 and Xbox. This title once again follows the same path as many horse racing titles, as it enables players to breed and train their runners in order to land victories in the biggest races on the calendar.

However, this title certainly offers some of the best graphics of any horse racing game, which isn’t surprising given the platforms it is available on. The breeding ensures that passionate fans are able to get what they want from a horse racing title, but the real fun of the game comes with the online gameplay, as players are able to challenge and race against their friends.

There is also the added ability to place bets on virtual racing, with many of the most popular betting markets available, like the ones you can find if you click here.

Future Of Horse Racing Games

There remains a void in the horse racing gaming sector, and there have been long-time rumors that a new developer may step up the stage.

Fans have long dreamt of a FIFA-Esque title that could go to new lengths when it comes to licensing, meaning that players could create their own jockeys to take in a comprehensive global career mode, trying to claim wins at some of the biggest tracks in some of the biggest races.

However, whether this is a viable route for horse racing gaming in the future remains to be seen.