The first CS:GO skins were introduced to the game with the "Arms Deal" update, an event that drastically changed the iGaming industry for the years to come. The growing popularity of CS:GO skins resulted in the rise of skin gambling sites.

In this article, you will understand the origin of CS:GO skin gambling and how it works in 2022.

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CSGO Skin Gambling 2022 - Basic History & Background

Before Valve Corp. added a seven-day trade hold to any CS:GO skins traded between accounts, CS:GO skin gambling was born.

In a matter of months, the first skin gambling and CSGO betting sites began to profit hundreds of thousands of dollars’ worth of skins, which turned Valve's alert mode on.

Once the seven-day trade ban was introduced, users must wait at least seven days after receiving a skin before trading the same item with another account. 

After different skin gambling sites decided to introduce P2P trading, the trend re-emerged once again and became a fever amid the CS:GO community.

CS:GO skin gambling is nothing more than wagering on casino-like games inspired by the game's FPS theme with the possibility to deposit and withdraw skins as a form of currency.

When compared to standard online casinos, the key difference is that CS:GO skin gambling is focused on in-game items. CS:GO gambling sites also feature unique games with completely new rules based on the game's theme.

Which Games Can Users Play on CS:GO Skin Gambling Sites?

Most CS:GO skin gambling sites available in 2022 offer a similar catalog of games and betting options. Keep in mind that this segment originated several games that did not exist in regular online casinos, which was fundamental to differentiate these two worlds.

Here's an overview of the standard gambling options available in CS:GO skin gambling sites:


This spectacular game is based on a graph featuring a line. The higher the line rises on the graph, the higher the multiplier increases. Gamblers must place a bet and wait for the multiplier to start rising. 

Once the multiplier starts going up, there are only two options - cash out and receive the amount wagered times the multiplier number shown at the withdrawal or wait until the line crashes.

If you fail to cash out before the multiplier crashes, you'll instantly lose the wagered amount and will not get anything. As it is plain to see, CS:GO crash is an exciting high-hazard high-reward game. 


Adapted from the classic casino roulette game, CS:GO roulette features themed spots and colors to represent three teams - Counter-Terrorists (CT), Terrorists (T), and the house. 

The game's mechanics is similar to the traditional version - players must place a bet on a spot, and if they managed to drop it, they receive the wagered amount multiplied by the multiplier associated with that specific spot.


Playing slots is a must for die-hard online gamblers, especially if you're talking about multiple lines of payments and a generous jackpot prize. CS:GO skin gambling sites often feature CS: GO-themed slots where you can spin the wheels and have a ball testing how lucky you are.

After a big win, you can exchange the coins in your balance for the skins of equivalent value - super simple and easy.

Coin Flip 

Inspired by classic games like "Heads n' Tails," CS:GO coinflip works as simply as it sounds. A virtual coin features two sides - one representing Counter-Terrorists (CT) and the other representing Terrorists (T).

Choose your side, place a bet, and toss the coin to start the game. The player who drops the winning side takes all the skins home in the best winner-takes-it-all style.

Case Opening 

The original way to drop skins on CS:GO was to open in-game cases. Different cases were associated with Valve's updates and allowed players the chance to drop a variety of skins for weapons, knives, and gloves.

A classic form of CS:GO skin gambling is opening cases on third-party websites exclusively dedicated to this type of activity. These cases are crafted by these gambling websites themselves, which means they can include whatever prizes they want.

Before buying CS:GO cases to open, you can check the amount of risk you're willing to take and measure the cost-benefit between the cost of the case and the chance to drop valuable skins.

CSGO Skin Gambling 2022 - Summary

Ultimately, CS:GO skins are purely cosmetic items that function as graphic overlays on top of in-game items, changing their appearance but not affecting the player's functionality or skillset. 

Nowadays, gamblers can freely trade skins and use them as "currency" to deposit funds on gambling sites, exchange them for virtual coins, wager on several games, and withdraw the amount balance in the form of CS:GO skins.