Abu Dhabi is set to become a central stage for eSports in December with the Blast Premier World Final 2022 held in the capital of the United Arab Emirates for the first time. The event will run from December 14th-18th. The city was selected by the Blast organizers to reflect the growing interest in professional video gaming in the Middle East.

Welcome to Blast Premier World Final

Audiences in the region have been developing an appetite for eSports betting and it is expected to skyrocket during the Blast Premier World Final 2022. This is the largest event in the Blast Premier Series which runs annually. The tournament features sizable prize pools and they are only getting larger each year.

Ticket sales for the event have not yet begun. The plan is for the event to have a live audience in addition to those watching online. Teams who enter the World Final will have won throughout the year already. Apart from the upcoming World Final in December, there have been six tournaments with varying prize pools between $135,000 and $425,000.

Csgo Ranks

Three of those events are scheduled to take place prior to the World Final. Events scheduled for August, October and November play an important role in the local and global eSports CS:GO community and surely drive betting interest. The World Final will be the seventh and last event for the year, before Blast Premier returns once again in 2023, with announcements to follow soon after the World Final has been wrapped up.

Blast Premier has picked the venue for a specific reason. The company hopes that it can continue to reach new audiences. The official press release detailing why Abu Dhabi has been picked from a pool of other available options. The organization’s managing director, Charlotte Kenny, explained that Blast Premier is looking to ensure that it reaches new audiences and delivers incredible eSports experiences.

Abu Dhabi is a perfect location to complement the already established calendar. The events will cover global audiences with events in Europe, the United States. The addition of Abu Dhabi means that now the Middle Eastern market is included. Kenny confirmed that eSports is growing at a rapid pace in the Middle East. Blast Premier will do everything it can to ensure that it continues to deliver best-in-class experiences to players.

The gaming and eSports sector is growing rapidly in the middle east, as confirmed by recent surveys. Locals are turning to games and gradually switching to professional gaming and eSports betting. They seek to connect and bond with the experience on a deeper level that enables them to remain competitive and enjoy themselves.

Counter Strike Global Offensive
Counter Strike Global Offensive is one of the most iconic shooting games in the world.

CS:GO remains one of the most popular games worldwide and it is no different in the Middle East. While the game was released more than a decade ago, it still remains one of the true competitive fixtures out there. Many other games have been released after it, including Valorant, Call of Duty, and Overwatch, and they have their sizable audiences.

However, in terms of pure viewing and eSports betting interest there is hardly a more successful game than CS:GO when it comes to the competitive angle of it as well. Why is that? Players can get into CS:GO easily, the game requires less high-end hardware and is overall a shared experience enjoyed by many.

Easy to Get into and Understand

The fact that you can compete, play casually or even support your teams with hundreds of thousands other people watching is definitely a part of it. The Blast Premier is set to pivot more confidently towards the EMEA region after December, so this won’t be the only event in the region we will see for a while.

For those who are new to CS:GO, though, the game may look a little distant. This is okay because players will still be able to enjoy it. One of the biggest pluses of CS:GO is that this game makes it very simple for you to get involved and enjoy it. Tracking the action is a piece of cake and even though many people attending the Abu Dhabi event will be known, they will be able to immediately get themselves involved in the process and understand how the game works. Whether they are there to scout out a betting opportunity or just enjoy, Blast Premier would have hit its mark!

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