Video games and gaming have become a trope that has shaken the basis of the world as we know it. There is hardly any activity left in our current society that hasn't been influenced in some way by video games. The entertainment media has seen one of the most dramatic changes thanks to gaming. Many upcoming movies and series are based around famous video game franchises. The Resident Evil franchise is continually adapted in movies. Just this year the franchise got a reboot. Netflix has adapted ‘The Witcher’ franchise into an ongoing series. "Arcane," the animated series based around the League of Legends universe, is preparing its second season after critical acclaim. Even sports have seen their share of changes thanks to gaming. Online sports or "eSports" become increasingly popular each passing day.

The eSports stage, as frequently discussed by, has been welcomed and accepted with open arms in Latin America, becoming a phenomenon in the region. The best eSports games and tournaments around the world are widely followed by the Latin fan base. Today let's take a look at some of the most popular games that are considered eSports in Latin America and Spain.

Love Or Hate It: Free Fire

Free Fire Max

Among the younger generation of players, mobile games hold a special place. Few mobile games have seen the popularity that Garena's Free Fire has obtained. Free Fire is a mobile version of the known online battle royale genre. It has become an icon in Latin America both due to its popularity and detractors. Free Fire receives both love and hate thanks to its focus on cosmetics and availability. The game is also easy for casual and/or less skilled players thanks to an auto-aim system. The game is extremely popular in Latin America. Many different tournaments for squads in Free Fire have been held in the region. In Spain, the game hasn't become so popular. It’s still one of the most downloaded games in the region, with Garena supporting the fan base with different events and tournaments.

The King: League of Legends

League Of Legends Old

It's fair to say that close to no games have had the impact on eSports and gaming as a whole as the popular Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) League of Legends (LoL) has had. One of the most popular and successful games in history, League of Legends is credited for bringing eSports gaming to the world. The game has become so popular that each year there are several different regional competitions. The Spanish branch of Riot Games organizes and handles “La Super Liga,” the official branch of League of Legends professional competition. Meanwhile, between October and November each year, the League of Legends World Cup or "Worlds" is held. In Latin America, all of the professional leagues are closely followed by fans. Still, not everything is golden, as the Spanish-speaking player base of League of Legends has a reputation for toxic behavior. Flagged as a toxic community, it’s not uncommon to see complaints from players being insulted and disrespected for a bad game. Many players from other servers refuse to play on Spanish servers due to the amount of flaming and a perceived inability for proper corrections.

Strength In Numbers: Overwatch

Blizzard's take on the team-based shooter genre saw its huge spike of popularity since it was first published. The different characters and abilities available, the lore, and the gameplay made Overwatch a sensation all over the world. In recent years, the game has lost much of its fanbase, yet its professional circle remains strong, particularly in Spain. The Spanish branch of Blizzard entertainment oversees many different projects. Training camps, events, and the Overwatch League are just some of the continuous projects that Blizzard Entertainment enforces.

Image 1 All Overwatch Gameplay Modes

The List Continues

We fall short on space for all the eSports titles that have made Latin America their home base. Big prizes, skill, fame, all of this and more draw fans and professionals alike to these games. The growth of esports all over the world is currently unstoppable and unshakeable. With many more leagues, investors, and games coming out each passing year, online sports truly seem to be the future of sports in general. Only time will tell where the gears of technology, entertainment, and adaptation will bring us, but for the time being, eSports are here to stay.

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