We have been there, so trust when we say this, “As a gambling operator, your level of Gamstop implementation does a lot in determining whether you get licenced and whether your licence stays valid.” This reality came to the forefront from March 2020 as the United Kingdom Gambling Commission declared openly that all gambling operators operating online must take part in the new GAMSTOP scheme.

The Gamstop scheme is a multi-operator and self-exclusive system created for the online sector to enable consumers to omit themselves from online operators with a single request instead of the usual exclusion from individual operators separately.  Amidst a wide variance of over 200 online gambling operators, this scheme creates a way to self-exclusion much easier for those who desire to be precluded from online gambling. But some UK punters continue to place bets at sites not on Gamstop despite the self-exclusion.

NOTE: The Gamstop scheme also holds that Instant Win Games delivered by operators will also be prevented for customers who prefer to self-exclude. While low-risk games or draw-based games such as EuroMillions and the Lotto will continue to be accessible. The alternative to self-exclude from low-risk games or draw-based games is only accessible through gambling operators individually.

Gamstop Is A Condition To Obtain UKGC Licence

The UKGC over time has shown that the safety and protection of the public, especially vulnerable members, are their main duty. They have exemplified this in different ways. The Gambling Commission developed the Gamstop in this line. We have thoroughly explained what this new development (Gamstop) is, how it works, and who it benefits majorly. You now understand how this new scheme that has been in place since March this year works towards the safety of vulnerable members of the public.

Gamstop Failures

Following the directive of the UKGC, every online gaming operator must take part in the implementation of GAMSTOP, starting from 31 March. This implementation has also been included as part of the commission’s prerequisite for the issuance of their licence and a part of their social responsibility code requirement 3.5.5. We likewise reliably understand that all online operators were duly informed of this new development in January, which was 3 months before the implementation of the scheme.

Going forward, to complete your application for a licence from the UKGC, you need to have implemented the Gamstop system. Failure to implement the Gamstop system nullifies your application as the application will not be considered at all.

This move goes on to affirm the fact that the gambling commission determinedly intends to protect gambling game players as this scheme indicates. And that it exists as a condition to obtain the commission’s licence speaks volumes of the UKGC resolute ploy to bring about responsible gambling.

Suspension of Licence in Case of Failure

The Gambling Commission slammed two online operators with a licence suspension with immediate effect. The commission went further to begin reviews on these operators’ operations. These moves came on the back of the discovery of the gambling operators' negligence to thoroughly incorporate the self-exclusion system, Gamstop.

Oops! Does that sound harsh? Well, it is what is deemed necessary and rightfully so, if this new scheme must hold and if you as a member of the public must be protected.

The Chief Executive of the United Kingdom Gambling Commission Neil McArthur, in his own words, said: “We have made it clear to operators that we are ready and willing to use our powers to protect consumers, as this action demonstrates.”

This statement is simply a verbal reassurance of the commission's drive towards making gambling regulated to stay as responsible and safe as possible. The Gamstop has been pointed out as a good means to this end, and the commission is not backing down on completely enforcing this scheme's implementation.

Note that the commission only places the reprimand on errant operators and lifts the suspension once the gambling operator complies with the implementation of the scheme. This truth was further affirmed by the Chief Executive when he said, “We took action because the operators had not complied by the deadline, which placed vulnerable consumers at risk. One of the license suspensions has now been lifted as the operator is now compliant.  Our investigations into both operators continue.”

So, as it stands presently, the other operator's licence remains suspended until the Commission is content that the operator has entirely incorporated the GAMSTOP system and is totally obliging to their licence requirements.


We conclude this text by urging every gambling operator to follow through with the new scheme by the UKGC, down to the end. It is a well-known fact that failure to do so would attract suspension of such an operator's UKGC licence, but above that, wouldn’t you rather join in safeguarding the interest of the public?

And for us all who are casino and gambling enthusiasts, let us do well to check out for the UKGC licence as this licence stands as an authority in the gambling sector in the UK. The UKGC is focused on protecting you from the negative impacts of irresponsible gambling, wouldn’t you likewise stay safe and responsible?