If you have ever played at an online casino, you will be more than likely to have come across Slingo or, at the very least, heard the term. As you may gather from the title, Slingo is a form of casino game, but unlike many others, it's a sort of mash-up of a couple of game styles, which creates a somewhat unique experience.

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What is Slingo?

Slingo, in short, sees video slots meet bingo. So, in many ways, you could say it’s the perfect combination when you consider how popular video slots are at online casinos and how loved the game of bingo is. And, while some casino punters may prefer to play either slots or bingo, Slingo games offer a change of pace and the chance to play relatively unique content, which is usually difficult to come across at online casinos today.

Before we come on how to play Slingo games, it’s probably a good idea to tell you where you can find these titles. A huge listing of these types of games and more can be found online at Gala Bingo an established bingo operator and other bingo platforms as well as casino sites in general, which will often have dedicated Slingo sections. And it makes sense that this is the case, as Slingo games are a merger of bingo and slots.

How to play Slingo?

Playing Slingo games is really simple. The action gets underway like a video slot, with the player spinning the reels of the game. And then, the aim is to match the symbols that appear with the symbols on the player’s card. Matching all the symbols on the card, or some, will lead to a payout. It’s also possible for Slingo games to have jackpots and progressive jackpots attached, which can lead to bigger prizes.

There are currently several types of Slingo games on the market, with the classic version, where a 5x5 grid is loaded with symbols, being the most popular. There is a speed version of Slingo, where racking up line wins as quickly as possible is the aim. And finally, there are progressive Slingo games, where a prize pool keeps growing based on people playing before it pays out and is reset.

While Slingo games, like video slots and bingo, are based on luck, there are a few tips to follow that may prove useful;

  • Practice – Playing demo versions of Slingo games before playing for real cash, especially if you're new to Slingo, is certainly the way to go. It allows punters to get a natural feel for how the games work.
  • Bonuses – If you have access to casino or bingo bonuses, and they can be used on Slingo games, utilise them. They can give you a better chance of success because you’ll potentially be turning something free into real cash.
  • Bankroll – Akin to video slots and other casino games, it’s possible to get through bankroll quickly by playing Slingo titles. So, managing bankroll at all times is certainly going to prove advantageous.