Free Where's the Gold pokies is a popular online game by Aristocrat with medium volatility, 95% RTP, and 5 reels with 3 rows. It has 6 symbols, 1 reel, and 1 scatter symbol; bonuses like free spins, in-game features, and wild symbol multipliers.


Play Where's the Gold pokies free no download, no registration with free spins, bonuses, and symbols on PCs, Android, or IOS devices. It features 25 paylines with multipliers, scatter symbol is dynamite; it will land on reels 3, 4, and 5, triggering free spins. Jackpot is 1000x by getting its prospector symbol 5 times in a row with a non-progressive jackpot system. Play Aristocrat free online pokies Where's the Gold autoplay feature to make 0 - 100 auto spins.


Enjoy Aristocrat free online pokies Where's the Gold with no download, no registration, no sign-up, bonus round, and medium volatility just now! A main draw is the Gold Rush theme, reflected in symbols: pickaxes, shovels, dynamites, and gold nuggets. Symbols have colorful presentations making, recognizing high-paying/low-paying icons. Online Where's the Gold pokie machine by Aristocrat has miners, enhancing its theme and appeal.

Where's the Gold pokies
Aristocrat pokies Where's the Gold


Play free online pokies Where's the Gold with scatters, free spins, wilds, and other multipliers, which increase winnings. Minimum/maximum bets per line are 50 cents - $50. The payout feature is rewarding, with various symbols giving good value. Gold is its highest-paying symbol and helps players win big. The Wild Gold symbol transforms into others besides its scatter symbol and gives a high reward multiplier. Aristocrat free online Where's the Gold feature can 5x your winnings by guessing a color/symbol on a random card.


Free spins feature is activated when a player lands three Dynamite symbols; users get a screen for choosing a game character once triggered. Play free Where's the Gold pokies online with no download and hunt for the Dynamite Scatter for 10 free spins. When hitting the 3+ scatter, characters appear under spotlights for players to choose from. The number of free spins equals nuggets in the window under the spotlight. Each character has varying free spins and multipliers to increase winnings; after hitting its scatter, choose free spins and selective wild bonuses from the following:

  • Peter Panner: Pickaxe and Prospector turn into Gold Wilds, giving the highest payout of 25000 coins.
  • Mary Money: Highest payout, 10,000 coins.
  • Prof. Gold: Second-highest payout, 5,000 coins.
  • Findo: 2,500 coins for maximum payout

When activating, randomly chosen free spins will be assigned to your selected character; each will turn symbols into Golden Wilds during their free spin feature (Peter Panner turns Prospector and Pickaxe symbols into Golden Wilds and pair up with anything). Lining up 5 Prospectors this way would get its jackpot; you can reactivate the scatter feature once more in the Aristocrat free Where's the Gold online pokies.

Check its remaining free spins by track of the number at the bottom; its total bet amount and active paylines remained when free spins were activated. If hitting the triple scatter betting $25 on 25 paylines, you will receive a random number of free spins with the same bet.


Free Where's the Gold pokie machine features symbols helping players win big related to mining. Ranging from mines, tools, and dynamite to generic symbols: A, J, Q, and K.

  • Scatter Dynamite: Hitting three or more will trigger free spins and pays a cash prize for 2 or more hits. When 2 Dynamite Scatter symbols appear while reels aren't finished spinning, the following reels will slow down for dramatic effect.
  • Wild Gold Symbol: It substitutes for any symbol on reels except its scatter.
  • Free Spins: During free spins rounds, standard symbols are replaced by new ones that feature selected characters' faces.
  • Pickaxe & Shovel symbol: Hitting five earns 1,000 coins.
  • Mineshaft: Hitting five earns a payout of 500 coins.
  • Wagons & Lamps: Hitting five earns 300 coins.
  • Wagon and Tools: Hitting five earns 200 coins.
  • Regular Symbols: These icons fill their lowest paying symbols with generic A, K, Q, and J.
Wheres The Gold Pokies
Aristocrat free online pokies Where's the Gold


Play Where's the Gold pokies free with paytable bonuses, as combinations of symbols generating payouts that vary depending on their value on active paylines. Paylines are read in the standard slot machine fashion and generate reward paylines animations when hitting. Winning spins are generated by matching 3 to 5 symbols horizontally, giving increasing multipliers. Combinations and payout multipliers in the Aristocrat Where's the Gold online pokies free are listed below:

Symbol 2 Symbols 3 Symbols 4 Symbols 5 Symbols
Prospector 4 100 200 1000
Mine 2 80 150 500
Wagon, Pickaxe - 50 100 300
A - 40 80 150
K - 30 70 125
Q - 20 50 100
J - 10 40 105
Dynamite (Scatter) - 2+Scatter 10+Scatter 10+Scatter

Standard suit symbols offer little winnings and should not be prioritized, with A giving the highest and J giving the lowest. The Dynamite scatter doesn't offer substantial winnings, but if you match 3+, it will compensate via free rolls. Paylines rewards get multiplied by the amount bet per payline in the free pokies Where's the Gold online by Aristocrat.

Scatter wins get multiplied by the total bet to calculate winnings (Scatter Dynamite wins do not need a specific payline to trigger). Prioritize the Mine and Wagon symbols; they are the most common high-paying. To hit the jackpot in the free pokies Where's the Gold online, review features of the Prospector, the highest-paying symbol.

Wheres The Gold Free Pokies
play free online pokies Where's the Gold


Players can play Where's the Gold pokies for free online (demo version) and with money; its free version includes features like its real money version. Visit an online casino and click its "play for fun" option for free; users will receive virtual credits for playing without downloading any software. Play free Australian pokies Where's the Gold autoplay feature to get a feel for this game and understand its average winnings or losses to expect.


  • Players can adjust their bet size by choosing their paylines number and bet amount.
  • Click spin button to start, setting reels in motion.
  • If reels stop on a winning combination, players will be paid out based on symbols and bet size.
  • Play free Australian pokies Where's the Gold online with bonus rounds triggered by landing on certain symbols.
  • This game features bonus rounds, which can be triggered by landing on a triple scatter Dynamite.

Activating more paylines will help, especially if you hit its triple Dynamite scatter feature. Free online slots Where's the Gold won't give a win after a losing streak, as the outcomes are random. Expect to lose a good amount of bets before hitting any winning play.


Chances of winning are determined by factors: bet size, number of paylines, and value of symbols. There is no guaranteed way to win, but users improve their chances by making informed decisions about their bets and taking advantage of bonus features. Play free online pokies Where's the Gold with no download, no registration in Australia, New Zealand, and Canada.

  • A useful strategy is to fish for free spins. Once activated, it offers players up to 10 free spins, and during this round, they can trigger more by landing on additional scatter symbols.
  • Each character has a combination of free spins and multipliers. Players can choose characters providing attractive combinations of bonuses, depending on their preferences.
  • Gamble feature seems lucrative, but since winnings are rare, we suggest avoiding it.
  • We strongly recommend activating all paylines to increase winning chances. It can be disheartening to see winning combinations on inactive paylines.
  • Play Where's the Gold online for free at casinos giving welcome money or free welcome spins for registering/ signing up.
  • Peter Panner is the best character for your Dynamite Scatter bonus spins because he provides the highest wild symbols for winning big in Aristocrat’s Where's the Gold free slots online.
  • Refrain from betting big and focus on small or medium-sized bets to activate free spins as frequently as possible. Keep track of your restrictions.


Play Where's the Gold online pokies real money with in-game bonuses; minimum/maximum bets per line vary but range from 0.01 - 2.00 Gold. Choose an online casino to start playing for real money, create an account, and deposit funds using a supported payment method before paying with money, unlike its "play for fun" option, where players win cash prizes.

Aristocrat Where's the Gold real money online with payout feature, symbols giving good value (Gold is this game's highest-paying symbol). Gamble responsibly and never bet more than you can afford to lose. Sign up with trusted casinos with a good reputation to keep transactions transparent and safe. Enjoy a wide range of in-game features and play Where's the Gold online real money by Aristocrat.

Free Australian Pokies Wheres The Gold
play free online Where's the Gold pokies


  • Follow bankroll regulations and safe deposit practices.
  • Bet big after activating free spin bonuses.
  • Play within the confines of this game and its flow. Breaking the flow can lead to mistakes born out of stress or frustration.
  • If a losing streak is getting frustrating, take a break.
  • Set aside a stop-loss-style budget before going on a spinning streak.
  • Try Aussie pokies online for free Where's Gold to get a feel for their mechanics.
  • Focus on building a bankroll by setting a maximum bet limit before fishing for free rolls.
  • When winning big and making around 30% profit on the initial budget, step back to cool down before repeating this cycle.


😁What's the gamble feature In Where's The Gold free pokies?

The Gamble feature lets you spend a small amount to guess the symbol of a random card. Guess it, and receive up to a 5x winnings bonus.

😎How to get free spins in Australian pokies online Where's The Gold?

Get free spins by hitting three scatter Dynamite symbols to trigger a character selection for free spins. This feature randomly generates a free spin number that goes up to 10 free spins and activates wilds. Another option is signing up for casinos offering free spins as a bonus. Play Where's the Gold online free at trusted casinos just now!

👑 How to hit the Where's The Gold jackpot?

This jackpot is hard to hit, but if you win your gamble, pick Nugget Ned once you hit its triple scatter. Free spins and character bonuses increase chances of hitting the Prospector symbol in the Where's the Gold pokies online free.

😎Who is the best character in Aristocrat Where's The Gold slot machine free?

In terms of symbols, the Prospector is the best character symbol. However, Nugget Ned is considered best for character bonuses as he doubles winnings.

😁What devices can I play free Where's the Gold online pokies on?

This game is available with no download on PC and is playable on all browsers. Additionally, Android and IOS devices both support a downloadable version, or players can test its demo version to get a feel for this game before investing money.