The eSports is huge and exciting: not just in terms of the fan’s thrill, but also in profits that fans make on betting. Yes, it is risky, and yes, it is not for everyone, but bookmakers keep offering various disciplines to bet on, so that market is thriving. And this has a reverse side: with so many games, which one is better to bet on?


In this article, we will review two leading MOBAs: Dota 2 and League of Legends and try to explain why is latter much more attractive to bet on. Ready? Let us take a look at what LoL surpasses Dota 2!

League of Legends has more players and fans

League of Legends is older than Dota 2 meaning it had much more time to gather both a professional base and a fanbase. Also, LoL is friendlier for new players which directly affects the game’s growth. For example, there are fewer smurfs in the LoL gaming scene. The smurf is an experienced player who creates a new account and plays against newcomers, thus, gaining many advantages and winning easily. For beginners, it is a frustrating experience that averts them from the game. Another thing is that LoL has patterned mechanics that are easier to understand in comparison to Dota 2 and does not overwhelm the player with playable heroes and possibilities.


Why is the number of players and fans important for betting? Well, firstly it affects the development of the industry as a whole. Secondly, it has a significant impact on the betting odds which determine your profits from winning.

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League of Legends is easier to study

In order to bet successfully, you need to have at least a basic understanding of how the game works and what players play it the right way. It is hard to suggest who will win when you have no clue what is happening on the screen, right? And here we come back to the talk about gaming mechanics: similar ability kits in LoL Champions, distinct player roles in the game, and visual clarity as a bonus — all these contribute to the game’s simplicity and elegance.


The match duration

An average game in League of Legends lasts about 25 to 30 minutes, while in Dota a match can take up to 40 minutes. In other words — you will spend much more time following the game in the Dota 2 professional scene.

The eSports scene differences

The last update on Dota Pro Circuit (Valve’s official professional season in Dota 2) has been posted on their blog on February 21st when they announced the Lima Major tournament. The event ended and there is silence although you can find online a schedule for the second DPC tour. This kinda speaks volumes about the organization in the certain gaming scene. In 2020, with the COVID-19 outburst, the International was postponed and DPC was handled poorly which lead directly to many teams going off the scene. And in 2023, the qualifying system is not perfect as well: open qualifiers are conducted only for the Regional Leagues, and as for Majors, there are strict quotas for country representation.


If we look at League of Legends for comparison, we will see, that Riot Games continued with their championship, organizing and sponsoring online leagues. Players received paychecks, and fans had high-tier tournaments to watch. In general, the professional gaming system in LoL is far more stable and structured which is much preferable for navigating the betting.

Communication and toxicity

There is always much talk about how toxic the Dota 2 community is. In every survey that was done on the subject, the game was leading in the cases of flaming, harassment, threats, flaming, and even stalking.


The official representation is not much better, because Valve hugely prefers to be just silent. Spencer "Hiko" Martin, who formerly played CS:GO, once compared his communication with Valve and Riot Games claiming that there was a month when he talked with people from Riot Games more than he had talked with Valve the entire time of his career. Professional Dota 2 gamers and fans are often left in the dark about the future schedule, updates, and patches while Riot Games maintain the exact opposite model and stand in close contact with their community. In this regard, betting on LoL is just a question of what approach to eSports you are willing to support.

Well, that is about everything on why betting on League of Legends may prove to be more rewarding than on Dota 2. Have fun!