In-play betting is one of the newer innovations of the betting industry, and its appeal is clear to see. Moment-to-moment betting means that bettors can have greater control than ever before over how they bet and what they bet on. But having the right means to effectively bet in play is one of the most important parts of getting it right. 

Without doubt, mobile devices are your best choice for in-play betting. Let’s find out why. 





Without doubt the most important reason that mobile devices are best for in-play betting is the speed that even the most moderately priced device can operate at. Mobile networks are constantly improving in speeds, too. 4G connections can bring download speeds of up to 300mbps, and as 5G is adopted more widely, we can see speeds exceeding 10gbps. 

When you are trying to keep up with a game, whatever sport it may be, you need your device to work quickly if you want to make in-play bets. Mobile devices have made in-play betting possible. And not only does it become more feasible for you, but as operators see more and more customers on devices of this kind of speed, the offers and promotions for in-play bets are bound to grow even more. 




Following on from that, smartphones and mobile devices are incredible pieces of consumer engineering in that they are, by and large, extremely user friendly. Almost anyone can pick one up and get to grips with how to use it quite quickly. The same is true of using them for in-play betting. Betting apps have become easier and easier to use, and this means that you aren’t struggling with an unhelpful app during the event you’re trying to bet on. 

You can easily find all betting markets, odds, promotions, and anything else you might need in one place. With over 2,600 operators offering betting services online in one form or another today, the competition has driven the innovation of more user friendly and convenient apps. Sites like Findbettingsites show the how the biggest bookmakers all have apps for both Android and iOS devices.

Fast, easy to use apps and devices have, again, made in-play betting possible. Without this kind of speed and convenience, in-play betting just wouldn’t be feasible. It would be too slow, and what you were trying to bet on might already have passed by the time you can place a bet. 

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Access to wide range of odds 


Beyond technical advantages, though, as I mentioned, there are countless betting operators in the UK today as competition and the market have grown. Whereas in the past, for anything approaching a similarity to in-play betting, you would be limited to whatever off-track bookies were available at or near the event. This meant odds were much less competitive, and were, to a greater degree, in favour of the house. 

But with mobile in-play betting, you can have access to the full range of betting markets to get the best odds. While odds, for the most part, will be roughly competitive, finding even a small advantage can make a huge difference. 

The point, primarily, is that you have your choice in the first place. In-play betting of this kind puts a lot more power in the bettor’s hands. 

In-play betting has been largely made possible by mobile devices. Without them, it’s difficult to see how it would be a viable possibility. If you want to try your hand at any form of in-play betting, then you’re going to want to get yourself set up with a mobile device. Nothing else can compare with the speed and convenience of a mobile device. 

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