Online casino gaming has always been a fun way to make profits. Whether it’s for earning a few extra bucks or taking it seriously to make a living, it’s just how people see gambling – to make money. However, we can’t deny that there are times that gambling can’t make the budget cut. This is during these times that social casinos are worth giving a shot.

Now, it may seem pointless to some people to gamble without gaining any profits, but it’s a growing trend. Why? Well, social casinos allow gamblers to play the games they enjoy and experience the fun and thrill that real money games give them without affecting their finances.

While playing online casino games in India or any other country in the world is a fun activity, social casino gaming can also let you have fun without feeling anxious nor nervous about your next move. It’s a guilt-free way to gamble and pretty much, the sky is the limit here. Want to know more about social casinos? Just keep on reading.

Social Casinos
Social casino games take online gambling industry to another level.

Are Social Casino Games Free to Play?

Generally, it should be. Social casino games are free to download and play if you choose to. However, know that some of them allow in-game purchases. The in-game purchases we are talking about when it comes to such games are the coins or tokens that you use to bet on your games. These are virtual coins you can use to play more at an advantage or if your coins have run out and don’t want to wait for your free daily coins.

You may then wonder: Isn’t that gambling already since you’re depositing to your account. Well, not really because even if you bought a virtual coin, it no longer has value outside the game and you won’t get to win any prize with real value as well. The purchase of extra coins also only really extends your playtime and it doesn’t influence your chances of winning.

While you can purchase extra coins to be able to play longer, it’s still not necessary. Most social casino games give their players different options or opportunities to gain more coins without spending anything. Some may require you to watch a few ad videos. Some allow you to ask other people in the game. It’s also typical that you can get coins after every few hours. The bottom line is that you can play for hours and hours without having to spend a single amount of real money.

Video Poker
There are a variety of games you can enjoy, for example video poker.

Social Casino Games that You Can Play

What’s also great about social casino gaming is that you have a plethora of options. Whatever it is that you enjoy at traditional online casinos, you are most likely to also find an equivalent free version. Here are the games that you can play:

  • Video Slots – this is pretty common and most likely the most popular social casino game in the lobby. It’s because playing a real money slot machine game can be quickly expensive and every spin without a win just hurt. When playing this for free, it’s just a matter of waiting for a win.
  • Table Games – Table games are also pretty common like blackjack, baccarat, and roulette. You can also play these games with real people who also don’t want to spend money like you.
  • Video Poker – free or not, video poker Is simply a classic. You can find the classics like Jacks or Better and Jester Poker too on social casino lobbies.
  • Bingo – This is also something that you can play with other people. Whether you’ve never gambled before or you have, and whether it’s your first time gambling without spending, Bingo should be a part of your portfolio.


It’s perfectly understandable to think that social casinos are not for you because you may still be tempted to spend money without a chance of profiting at all. However, this is just the same with playing any other game that allows in-game purchases. Therefore, the mindset you have before playing social casino games shouldn’t involve anything on gambling.

Know that even if social casino gaming isn’t gambling, there are still concerns here that you should keep in mind. Playing games that require tokens to continue could make you feel as if you are actually gambling and this could still be the cause of an unhealthy spending habit. You may end up purchasing more coins than you should in the long run and this is why always keep in mind that you’re spending only on a game and not to gain profits.

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