Amongst the most popular Twitch female streamers, Alinity or Natalia Mogollon has about 13 lakh Twitch followers and 3.55 lakh Instagram followers. However, speaking of this streamer, many may first think about lots of her controversies.


Alinity supposedly has a large number of simps who always defer to her in every case. This streamer also becomes the center point of many controversies due to her animal cruelty. Additionally, her wardrobe malfunctions often go around on the Internet, and therefore, she has to get a suspension on Twitch.

The netizens may not know that in the past, Alinity used to work as a nurse before starting her present career as a streamer. In fact, she has a nursing degree at the University of Saskatchewan, Canada.

Alinity 1

Born in Cali, western Colombia, Alinity soon moved to Canada along with her family. Back in 2012, this controversial female streamer was first known as an outstanding streamer in World of Warcraft and then, she has tried to play some other games including Overwatch, Apex Legends, and Fall Guys.

Alinity Cat
Despite her lovely pics, Alinity is accused of her animal cruelty.

Fans haven’t long seen Alinity show off her skills in her favorite game - World of Warcraft. That’s true because Twitch Tracker reported that it was November 2019 when she last streamed the role-playing game. And while pursuing fame, Alinity has caused lots of issues the netizens feel difficult to accept.

Alinity 2

Her first controversy was related to Pewdiepie when Pewdiepie criticized her content at the beginning of 2018. After watching his video, Alinity had a saying that then became a popular meme on the Internet: “Can we copy-strike Pewdiepie?”

Alinity 3

Alinity Dog

Streamer Alinity

Twitch Streamer

And then, the netizens got angry many times when realizing that this female streamer turns out to be the one who tends to abuse animals, especially cats. She was reportedly accused of spitting vodka in the cat’s mouth.

Alinity Twitch

Furthermore, she has become the lead character in many wardrobe malfunctions. Finally, she got a temporary ban on Twitch five months ago. In recent days, she has complained about why the netizens hate her a lot on the Internet. As she said, she is even considered a punching bag many people choose to unleash their anger. However, it is obvious that she is no longer a good nurse or a talented streamer as she was.