If you’re a PUBG Mobile lover, you might have heard about BandookBaaz. This guy is quite famous among both PUBG Mobile fans and the YouTube community. As a gamer and YouTuber, he currently owns a channel named BandookBaaz gaming with over 900,000 subscribers - a really mind-blowing number!

To your surprise, Bandook actually had a straight-forward interview to reveal some aspects of his daily life. Now off we go!

1. Who is BandookBaaz?

BandookBaaz’s real name is Indrajit Singh. Bandook is a native of Mathura, Uttar Pradesh, but he is living in New Delhi now.

As mentioned above, he’s one of the most well-known gamers in India. He also works as a content creator, streamer, and influencer on YouTube with nearly one million subscribers.

Bandookbaaz 4
Bandook is a native of Mathura, Uttar Pradesh, but he is living in New Delhi now.

2. How did BandookBaaz start gaming?

Bandook started his very first PUBG Mobile game through an emulator and since then, he has felt in love with the game and related stuff. During the early period of his career, Bandook used to upload YouTube videos to guide people through tips and tricks, and he occasionally live-streamed on the platform.

3. What does BandookBaaz do apart from gaming?

Put gaming aside, Bandook has a really good sense of photography. He also loves editing photos and videos, and these abilities no doubt contributed to his current job a lot.

Bandookbaaz 2
Put gaming aside, Bandook has a really good sense of photography.

4. What social media handles does BandookBaaz have?

You can take a visit to one of these YouTube channels – BandookBaaz, BandookBaaz Gaming, and BandookBaaz Is Live.

His Instagram account: @bandookbaazritesh

Bandookbaaz 3

5. What do BandookBaaz's parents think about his gaming?

Thankfully, his parents place their faith in him and all they do for their son is to keep him always motivated for a better future.

6. Who are BandookBaaz's favorite players of all time?

According to Bandook, his most favorite player is Sc0utOP.

7. Which configuration BandookBaaz is using for his gaming/streaming?

Smartphone: iPhone 11 Pro Max, Elgato HD60S.

Computer: PC powered by i7-8700K, Nvidia 1070Ti, and 16GB RAM.

Bandookbaaz Ingame Settings
Here're his in-game settings.

In-game settings: Extreme FPS + balanced Graphics.

Bonus: Bandook’s PUBG ID is 514083312.

8. What is BandookBaaz's personal favorite moment in PUBG?

It was a match without a clash between people. There were more than 20 players, and they all took part in the game together with a friendly attitude. He realized that fighting and victory isn’t always a must.

9. Does BandookBaaz like other sports apart from Esports?

Bandook also dives into Volleyball, and of course, he dedicates himself to Cricket!

10. Where does Bandook see himself in the coming years?

Bandook has planned to become a professional in the Esports world. What’s more, this guy also loves Vlogging, so let’s wait for his videos in the near future!