The main character in this story is Xiaoyun - a popular streamer with a huge number of fans on social networks. This girl not just has a beautiful face and sexy body but she also wins the hearts on the Internet due to her skillful ability to play games. These are the major factors to help her gain great support from the viewers. However, in recent days, she has been reportedly in big trouble.


To get more specific, it is rumored on the Internet that the streamer has had her price list to hang out with rich men leaked on the Internet. No need to say how angry she felt.

A few days ago, the netizens shared a “dark” price list that allegedly belonged to the hot streamer and some other hot girls. Although there hasn’t been any specific information, as well as the origin of the rumor hasn’t been determined, Xiaoyun suddenly became a gossip topic without any awareness. It turns out that she has a lot in common with one girl on this list.

Xiaoyun 1

In the beginning, Xiaoyun was not too concerned, even joked around about this rumor with her streaming colleagues. However, the rumor has kept spreading on the Internet, and things started to be more serious when her mother knew it and immediately asked her.

At that time, Xiaoyun couldn’t consider the freak rumor as a common joke. She rapidly announced on her channels that she is willing to pay up to Rs9.6 lakh for those who find out the identity of who spread the rumor. Furthermore, the beautiful streamer said that she would ask lawyers for help.

Xiaoyun 2

She asserted that she has never faced any scandal. Xiaoyun said that her life is so simple that she can live her whole life along with a computer and Oolong tea. However, the wicked rumors have approached her. Meanwhile, her loyal fans have given big support to her because their streamer is always friendly and has never enjoyed the lavishness of high society like many other female streamers.

At present, her incident has drawn a lot of attention from the netizens. However, streamer Xiaoyun may never think that she will gain fame by this way.

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