Another Game of Thrones prequel is about to clear out its first pilot episode, according to sources. This prequel would take place three hundred years before the main series – the main focus would be on the house of Targaryen and their rise to power. Further reports indicate that this series would be directed by author George R.R. Martin and Producer Ryan Condal.

Fire And Blood Color
The book that the upcoming movie would be based on


Battle Of The Trident
One of the most anticipated battles in the upcoming series.

There are a lot of issues with the source material, the book Fire and Blood, however. Firstly, it is unfinished. Martin has only written half of the total planned volume, which only covers from Aegon I to the next 150 years of the dynasty (the main series will not happen until much later). And we all know how hard it is to adapt an unfinished Martin project – the last season of Games of Thrones was hot garbage.

Secondly, the book is boring. It is written in a historical report style, and with the length of 700 pages, reading the book would be like slogging through a college textbook, except that none of it is real.

Got7 2main 0
The last season of GoT was not as good as expected

As all these projects are still in the early stages of development, there is no guarantee that any of it would be started. There have been precedents about the sole bad pilot episode ruining the chances of a show before. However, if Martin attached some more work to the pitch, such as another actual book, HBO would be more than happy to kickstart the series. As the Game of Thrones brand is still freshly engraved into people’s mind, it just makes sense for HBO to capitalize on Martin’s works while it's still hot.