Ananya Panday is the dream of many Indian men now, as she has got anything we can expect from a girlfriend. She has an ethereal beauty, she has a solid background that has long been famous in Bollywood, and she is doing well with her movies in the B-town as well.

Ananya Panday Single Because Of Punit Malhotra 4
Ananya Panday also owned a sexy body as well!

So, it's kind of unreasonable that Ananya is still single. And recently, the daughter of Chunky Pandey has answered an interview the reason behind her relationship status now, and it turns out, that was not her fault at all! In fact, the entire reason behind her being single is the director of her debut movie - Punit Malhotra!

Let's find out about what Punit Malhotra has done Ananya Panday to make her stay single until now with Gurugamer But first, let's see how Ananya burned the screen with her sexy appearance in the song Dheeme Dheeme for the movie Pati Patni Aur Woh below:

Ananya Panday is still single because of Punit Malhotra

Ananya Panday has quite a successful debut with Student Of The Year 2, directed by the young director Punit Malhotra. Even though the movie has decent cast line-up, including Tiger Shroff and Tara Sutaria, it still failed to impress viewers with its poorly-written script. However, Ananya's performance was highly regarded by critics, stating that she has done fine with her first Bollywood movie.

Ananya Panday Single Because Of Punit Malhotra 2
Ananya has won a Filmfare Award for Best Female Debut with her first movie

The movie marks a decently favorable start for Ananya Panday in the B-town, which has led to her soaring in popularity recently. However, amidst all dating rumors, the actress still claimed herself single, and we couldn't know the reason until now! To be more specific, it was actually Punit Malhotra who worked as a human-protection filter and prevented anyone wants to approach the actress!

Ananya Panday Single Because Of Punit Malhotra 6
Punit Malhotra prevented anyone from getting to Ananya, including her co-star Kartik Aaryan

Joining the talk show Stary Nights Gen Y with Punit, Ananya Panday has shifted the blame excessively on Punit Malhotra for her single status. Speaking to a sudden question, the actress humorously said that Punit's protective attitude toward his starlet is the thing that keeps everyone away from her. "He doesn't let anyone hit on me" - said Ananya.

Ananya Panday Single Because Of Punit Malhotra
Punit Malhotra is a solid protecting shield for Ananya

It's still unclear that it was the intention of Punit himself, or it was Ananya's father asking Punit to do so to protect his daughter. But since Ananya doesn't have any problems with that, it's totally okay. In fact, Ananya has laughed on her dating rumors upon now, stating that from her father, she already learned that this is inevitable in the industry, and all she has to do is just regard its as an entertainment means.

Ananya Panday Single Because Of Punit Malhotra 5
Ananya knows that rumors like this will come sooner or later

In the past, there were rumors between Ananya Panday and her co-star in Pati Patni Aur Woh - Kartik Aaryan, as they were often seen together out and about. To be more specific, there are a lot of photos from paparazzi the two going out for dinner dates and parties together. However, the actress quickly denied it, and didn't forget to mention that the rumors will not prevent her from getting close to Kartik Aaryan and enjoy their times together as friends.

Ananya Panday Single Because Of Punit Malhotra 3
Ananya Panday only regard Kartik Aaryan as a friend

On the working front, Ananya Panday will take part in at least two projects in 2020. The first one is Khali Peeli, in which she will star with Ishaan Khatter, and the second one is an untitled project with Deepika Padukone and Siddhant Chaturvedi.