The eight characters of Apex Legends come in with not only unique look but also different skills, allowing you with a wider range of experience every time you immerse yourself in. As a technological tracker, Bloodhound possesses extraordinary tracking set of skills that is an asset to any squad that has them.

Passive Ability - Tracker

Apex Legends Screenshot Le Bloodhoundraven 03 Clea
Bloodhound - the technological tracker

This ability allows Bloodhound and the whole squad to acquire some information of the opponents in the immediate vicinity, coming in the form of markers appearing on the screen.

The hints are there for only a short period of time, but when you need to monitor enemies’ movements, this set of skills fits the bill.

Tactical Ability – Eye Of The Allfather

Eye of the Allfather takes 35 seconds to cool down

With this ability, Bloodhound is able to see opponents in a certain range, even if they are behind walls. This information is available to other members of the squad as well. If in the time of scanning, there is no enemy around, you will receive a pop-up message saying that no opponent is detected.

This ability takes longer to recharge (35 seconds), so make sure that you use it at the right place and the right time. For example, before you advance into a building, Eye Of The Allfather can come in handy.

Ultimate Ability-Beast of the Hunt

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Bloodhound is best paired with Bangalore

Beast of the Hunt makes Bloodhound moves faster and improves their sight. When you initiate this ability, the screen turns into black and white with the enemy is highlighted in red.

Be careful when you use this ability in the middle of a fight because while the ultimate goes on for 35 seconds, there is one second of casting time when Bloodhound is ill-protected.

Their abilities are complementary to those of Caustic or Bangalore, who can make smoke or gas, as Bloodhound is able to monitor enemies despite those smoke screen. They also make great flanker when their ultimate ability is in use.