To be honest, Bollywood and the whole Indian film industry, in general, is decently behind when it comes to thriller and horror movies. So, when the first episode of the web series 'Asur: Welcome to Your Dark Side' aired in March, viewers didn't have high expectations on the future of this product.

But in fact, it's incredibly thrilling and fascinating in the very first episode that no one could keep their eyes off the screen. And through a totally 8 episodes of Season 1 so far, its heat hasn't cooled down a little bit, but has even become hotter!

asur welcome to your dark side
Asur: Welcome to Your Dark Side Season 1 has ended, but is still very trending by now

8 episode is definitely not enough for the mind-bending experiences from the Asur plot of the psychopath killer in the world of Indian folklore, and netizens are raging to see its Season 2 already. Especially in the middle of the 21-day of Indian Lockdown, it has become an urgent demand since no one could get out of their house, and there are not many great Hindi series to grind.

Don't understand why 'Asur' is a pressing issue right now? Watch its trailer with below to get the reasons:

A brief Asur plot summary

Asur: Welcome to Your Dark Side is a thriller web series starring Arshad Warsi, and don't mistake it with the Bengali movie directed by Pavel Bhattacharjee, coming out in January. The casts of the series are decently familiar in India with Arshad Warsi, Barun Sobti and Anupriya Goenka, but overall, not an all-star line-up overall. In fact, this is the first time for Arshad Warsi to star in a movie for an OTT platform.

However, it could not obstruct the series to get a huge amount of thumb-ups from both critics and viewers. " Asur: Welcome to your dark side" - that's the tagline that not everyone could understand with the first several episodes, but came out clutching to catch everyone off-guard in the remaining episodes as well as the second watch.

asur plot
Everyone has a demon inside their mind - including the heroes

In short, Asur is a crime-thriller series telling the of a mysterious serial killer that massacre people for his religious belief. The Killer has suffered from his dark past, and has crowned himself as a heavenly figure - Asur in the modern era, granting himself the rights to execute any person he found needed for his non-secular belief. Too bad, he is a mastermind at doing so, and nothing is worse than a mastermind with a rigged mind torn between the world of mythologies and science.

Asur season 2
The villain of the movie is extremely smart and satanic

Meanwhile, Arshad Warsi takes the leading role of Dhananjay Rajput - the leading cop for a forensic leading team in the fray to track the killer and put a stop to his doing. Nikhil Nair (Barun Sobti) - a former forensic officer but decided to become a teacher for FBI's headquarter to help feed his family - will help Dhananjay to find the trace of Asur.

Asur plot
Dhananjay Rajput is the leading character of Asur

But regardless of how quick and precise the investigating team is, Asur is always a step ahead of them, which in turn disappointed the officers, leading them to doubt what they're believing, and gradually pull the dark sides out of the protagonists.

Even the viewers couldn't recognize their changes right away, and only when the demon inside a person has come out, people are thrilled by the message of the initial tagline. Indian folklore themed, viewers could not sit firmly on their chairs with a lot of unexpected Asur plot twists as well as the psychological events that could bend both the characters and the audience's mind.

Asur plot
Will the crew be able to find the killer, or they will fail to contain the demon inside them beforehand?

"A true Indian thriller masterpiece" - Indian netizens praised Asur, and longing for Asur Season 2

People are loving the psychological and mysterious twists from Asur plot so much that some even want the whole world to be able to admire it. Currently, Asur is only available on Indian streaming service Voot, but many want it to get to Netflix as well for better global spreading.

Asur season 2
The movie is now only available on Voot, but fans want it to air on Netflix as well

The netizens spare no words on praising the splendid writing of the series' plot, and they also didn't forget to hail the acting of the two veterans Arshad Warsi and Barun Sobti. And since people now have to stay completely inside their houses, the urge for the Asur Season 2 of the series is even bigger than ever!

Asur plot
Cre: Gojesh

Gurugamer highly recommends you stay safe at home and enjoying this Indian thriller masterpiece. And it's mandatory to watch and stream the movies via Voot to shows your support to the most outstanding Indian web series ever, since watching it through other sources is not beneficial for the filming crew in anyways.

And since the Coronavirus is still running rampant, it's best to stay updated and entertained with Gurugamer to kill your time social distancing. Stay strong!