The biggest streaming platform Twitch has become the most promising land for many streamers across the world. That’s why it provides strict Community Guidelines as a way to prevent its users from creating weird content on its platform. However, many streamers have got a strike or permanent ban, and here are the top reasons behind their bans:

Lascivious Or Sexual Content

It is no doubt the common trick female streamers have applied to attract the majority of their viewers, especially male ones. A beautiful face must draw a lot of attention, but a sexy body promisingly earns a huge amount of views. That’s why female streamers tend to show off their bodies to earn popularity in a short time, regardless of a ban from the platform.

Alinaarose sexually called viewers "Daddy" and got a ban on Twitch.

Netizens may not forget what Alinnarose received after this female streamer sexually called her viewers “Daddy” on a stream. She didn’t just show off her body but also created a sequence of sensitive sounds, and a Twitch ban immediately waved her.

In another incident, Indiefoxx got three consecutive bans after her inappropriate streams. Although her bans ended, she has been under controversies due to her behaviors such as wearing a bikini or write her subscribers’ names on her body on streams.

Indiefoxx showed her bikini on a live stream.

The next controversial streamer is Kaellyn who often streams her doing yoga or lying and chatting with her fans. Therefore, netizens feel happy knowing that she received a strict ban from Twitch because she embarrasses viewers many times.

Violent Content

Berry0314 allegedly violated some rules about violence when a stranger who introduced himself as her husband streamed her channel. He appeared with a bloody hand, making viewers wonder whether the female streamer was abusing him or not. This incident drew a lot of attention on the Internet, but Berry0314 hasn’t given any comment or deny about this issue.

Berry0314 was accused of domestic violence by her husband.

Content Regarding Sexism & Racism

In contrary to the abovementioned female streamers, Miramisu seemingly faced a real crisis when she was accused of being racist and homophobic on a stream. Despite her accusations on Twitter, netizens didn’t feel happy about what she said. Hopefully, Miramisu will be more careful with her sayings in the upcoming time.

Additionally, there are a lot of streamers to get a strike on Twitch. It seems that the biggest live-streaming platform has made efforts to become a better version of itself in a bid to approach viewers of all ages. And that’s why its users may face a permanent ban if they continue to violate its rules many times.

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