Beautiful F-cup streamer Niu Mei did a live-stream featuring her doing exercise with the Switch Fitness application. The sexy looks of her made fans go nut, especially when she jumped and made her F-cup boobs bounce. Check out her performance here.

Beautiful F-Cup Streamer Wore Sexy Outfit When Doing Exercise

Niu Mei is a beautiful streamer from China. She is pretty famous on the mainstream due to her beauty and some interesting content of her. Recently, she continued to blow up her fans' minds with a fitness broadcast.

Niu Mei 16

In specific, Niu Mei did exercises on her broadcast with an application called Switch Fitness to play the game Ring Fit Adventure. It's an interesting game in which players will equip a leg strap on their leg while holding a Fitness switch ring.

Do Exercise On Stream
Niu Mei did a fitness game live-stream on Twitch.

These devices will record your movements of legs and arms as well as the weight you use and transmits it to the Nintendo Switch game device. Niu Mei wore a body fit short and a tank top in that broadcast.

Fitness Game
Niu Mei started the fitness game with some warm-up movements

Firstly, she did some basic movements of legs and arms to warm up and get familiar with the game. Then, Niu Mei started to play the game with these fitness switch devices. She was required to run to control the in-game character to run.

Taiwan Streamer
The streamer wore sexy outfits on her broadcast

However, the beautiful streamer can only run on the spot in front of the camera and the game screen. And her F-cup boobs also bounced when she jumped and moved quickly when playing the game.

Fitness Game Broadcast
Her boobs bounced during her exercise
Fitness Game
She had to run to control the character in the game

Here are some beautiful pictures of her on Instagram. Just take a look.

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