The United States recorded a new bleak record with nearly 4,500 deaths linked to the new coronavirus disease in 24 hours, the worst daily increase in a country worldwide, according to statistics by Johns Hopkins University. The US has registered 4,591 deaths from Covid-19 this Thursday, the highest number of fatal cases in a day, which brings the total number of deaths to 33,286.

Coronavirus: US suffers biggest number of deaths in one day
US deaths in one day are now 4-5 times any other country

According to Johns Hopkins, the number of cases of infection in the United States reached almost 667,800, with New York State being the most affected by the pandemic, with a total of over 15,000 deaths (11,377 in New York City) and more than 214,600 affected.

More than 30,000 coronavirus deaths in the US

The deaths of 4,591 people were counted between 8:30 p.m. Thursday (00:30 GMT) and the same time the day before in the United States, according to continuously updated university figures. As a result, the biggest economy in the world exceeds 33,000 deaths from the pandemic.

Coronavirus: New York City Buries Coronavirus Victims In Mass ...
Previously New York State built mass graves to bury coronavirus deaths

The figures from the university, considered a reference in the subject, come after President Donald Trump said earlier that "the data suggests that across the country we have passed the peak of new cases," and that on Thursday he would announce his plan to 'reopen' the United States gradually".

The US president told state governors on Thursday that they must make "their own decisions" about the reopening of their respective states in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, indicating that they could end the lockdown of their territories before May 1 if they want. Previously, he said that he has "absolute authority" to end the state-mandated lockdowns.

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