You would have thought Counter-Strike: Global Offensive would be trending because of its new events - the game has just released two new maps created by players for the first time ever. However, the reason for the game being trending online in India is actually not its new content - its because the game's title song was used as part of a news report regarding the current coronavirus pandemic in India.

This is from a regional TV news channel of Odisha, India. It was reporting about the current situation of the Covid-19 problem when it suddenly drew attention for the surprise using of the CS:GO music during the report. The track is actually rather fitting for the lockdown graphics and those visuals of masked soldiers marching around in masks - it is almost surreal to people who are familiar with Valve's best FPS title. A lot, if not all characters in-game wear masks - a lot of people watching this probably get a flashback of "is this some kind of random CS:GO commercial?". Overall, the use of random known songs for TV materials is not unknown in India, but there hasn't been anything as fitting as this song combined with the quarantine clip.

CS:GO has never really been very popular in India - but it's still decently loved, with a dedicated Esports scene

In other news, due to the coronavirus global quarantine, CS:GO is very much in demand right now. Due to social distancing and self-isolation, many games including CS:GO have seen a massive surge in activities - with users looking for things to distract themselves from this unbelievably long period of free time. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive has broken 1 million concurrent players during this period - a record that has never been reached before.

The Coronavirus has pushed all numbers up

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