Auto Chess is incredibly popular amongst the gaming community. Its adventure begins in Dota 2 client, where it was originally created as a custom game by developer Drodo Studio. Just like other MOBAs and battle royale titles, Dota Auto Chess is now quickly expanding with many official versions for both PC and mobile platforms.

The original Auto Chess was created as a custom game of Dota 2.

Auto Chess gameplay is pretty simple: players will fight against each other using a drafted lineup in a round-based battle. You don't have to control your heroes, they know how to do their job. Your only mission is to create a strong lineup in which you can get the most out of the selected characters.

"Autobattler" seems to be a reasonable name for this new genre. Actually, it's kinda a good choice, because we hardly see Auto Chess has any connection with "chess". Many people believe that with the incredible popularity of Auto Chess, the "autobattler" genre will easily become one of the biggest trends in 2019.

Underlords 2
Autobattler is the next trend after battle royale?

With loads of adaptation of Auto Chess for different platforms, the rising question seems to be which to enjoy. For now, players have 3 main choices - 2 if you're only playing games on PC.

The first one is Dota Underlords, an official game by Valve, and is a standalone version of the original custom game Dota Auto Chess. The second choice may look appealing to League of Legends players, because Riot developed an LoL-themed version named Teamfight Tactics. The last one is Auto Chess which is created by Drodo Studio itself, but without Dota material. Currently, Auto Chess is only available on mobile platforms, and Epic Games is expecting to see the PC version of the game come to its store as an exclusive in the near future.

In case you're a curious person, the original Dota Auto Chess is still accessible via Dota 2 client, in Arcade section. There're also some copy-cats on the App Store and Google Play that looks decent such as Arena of Evolution. But our advice is, just stick to the big three below. We're going to tell you which game will suit you the most.

Dota Underlords

Release date: June 20, 2019 (Beta) | Developer: Valve | Official Dota Underlords Website

This one is for: Dota 2 fans, who like a simpler UI and less randomness.

Valve Dota Underlords
Dota Underlords by Valve

Dota Underlords is Valve's version of the original custom game Dota Auto Chess. The game had some significant enhancements in comparison with the clunky UI of the original mod. It seems to work well with both PC and mobile platforms, and is currently free-to-play on iOS, Android, and PC.

This is definitely the best option for those who've fallen in love with Dota Auto Chess, because they can easily get used to the game. Besides, Dota 2 players will have lots of advantages when they want to play Dota Underlords, even for the first time.

Dota Underlords offers a simple gameplay where players can draft a lineup of synergism. It also provides several tools to help players acquire the best understanding of the game.

Dota Underlords
You can join Dota Underlords Open Beta right now.

However, many people would agree that the decrease in annoying randomization is the most enjoyable aspect of Dota Underlords. While other titles have their players rewarded randomly, or nothing at all, item drop after a fixed number of rounds is a standard in Dota Underlord. Players still have to choose from a list of random items, but we will get at least something eventually.

A normal match in Dota Underlords takes approximately 40 minutes. In fact, Valve wants to make these matches shorter, just like a "turbo" mode. The game is still lacking customize options such as various playgrounds to keep players interested. But we will only have to wait for a short time, because Valve announced that they have already working on progression elements, cosmetic system, and other interesting features.

Click here to get to the Steam page of Dota Underlords.

Teamfight Tactics

Release date: June 26, 2019 (Beta) | Developer: Riot Games | Official Teamfight Tactics Website

This one is for: League of Legends players, who's into a simpler, faster tactical game.

Teamfight Tactics
Teamfight Tactics by Riot Games

Teamfight Tactics is the perfect choice for League of Legends lovers, and also is the simplest one between these three autobattlers. Riot Games made the game easy to approach, and many people think that nothing is more suitable to be the introduction to the genre than this game.

The point is, simplicity is actually the goal that other developers want to achieve. Teamfight Tactics allows its players to combine several champions from a simple draft pool, to form a lineup that is strong enough to fight its way throughout the game.

Teamfight Tactics 2
Teamfight Tactics is the simplest one.

As a result, matches of Teamfight Tactics also takes much less time than other titles, which is expectedly 25-45 minutes. The reason is the damage dealt by players will increase over time. The drafting system is also different. In this game, players with lowest health points will have more advantages in drafting as the last place player will have the first pick from a circle of random champions.

However, this simplicity comes with some disadvantages. The playground is smaller, so positioning your champions in the board will be less important. Ranged champions are also more prioritized due to their great efficiency in combat. And Teamfight Tactics seems to have more randomness than Dota Underlords. You will never know what you gonna get, a powerful item or a useless one.

Teamfight Tactics could be easy to play, but it's still an unpolished and unfinished version. That means the game is having some annoying bugs that could cost you an entire match.

Auto Chess

Release date: TBA (PC); April 18, 2019 (iOS) | Developer: Drodo Studio | Official Auto Chess Website

This one is for: players who usually enjoy their mobile games, and are okay with long waiting time (for the PC version and during matches).

Auto Chess
Auto Chess by Drodo Studio

Auto Chess is the true heir to the original Dota Auto Chess. Developer Drodo Studio's recently announced that they are making a standalone version as an exclusive for the Epic Games Store. While the game is expected to come out later this year on PC, Auto Chess fans can enjoy a somewhat final version of the game on mobile platforms - Auto Chess: Origins.

Drodo Studio allows players to transfer their accounts from the mod to the mobile game. That means the upcoming PC version of Auto Chess is very likely to be accessible via the same accounts when it releases. If you want to have some cosmetics prior to the launch, you should begin your own adventure with the mobile version right now.

Auto Chess Pc 1
The game looks pretty cute.

Dota Auto Chess is the first autobattler that come to the gaming community, and Auto Chess totally inherits its gameplay and complicated strategies as a standalone version. It also means that players will once again have to deal with the annoying random system and large heroes pool of the game. In addition, matches will take much longer than other titles, at 40-60 minute mark if you're at the high place.

However, Auto Chess looks completely different from the original mod. But it does feature a cute look and lovable Chinese voices. It seems the decision is yours to make, eventually.

Click here to sign up for Auto Chess PC alpha, or click here to go the Auto Chess page on the Epic Games store.