Speaking of the appearance, the Microsoft Surface Book may not have lots of differences from other laptops in the current market. However, not all of us know that this laptop can prevent the bullet on its path. That’s exactly what happened to a Twitter user called Aaron (@itsExtreme_).

Microsoft Surface Book
Who can guess that a Microsoft Surface Book can save its owner from the bullet?

This guy revealed that a sudden bullet was fired from the apartment on the lower floor to his apartment and penetrated the bed he was lying. It just stopped flying as encountering both the display and keyboard deck of the Microsoft Surface Book. Of course, both ends had a hole.

No need to say how Aaron felt after luckily escaping from the death in an eye blink. If this laptop hadn’t been available, he couldn’t have got such good destiny. The Microsoft Surface Book is designed with a full-body magnesium alloy construction. However, it is likely that even Microsoft has never had an intention to check the bulletproof ability of this laptop.

Aaron told his story on Twitter.

Aaron thought that someone on the below floor accidentally shot the gun while maintaining it, making the bullet penetrate the ceiling and hitting the laptop. Or maybe someone just wanted to shoot the gun in the air but forgot that above his head was another apartment, instead of the blue sky.

Bullet Laptop
Both the display and the keyboard deck had a hole.

Aaron frankly stated that he had no intention to promote the Microsoft Surface Book although he had tagged both Microsoft and the Twitter account of its customer service on his tweet. He also advised that people should be more careful and pay more attention to others nearby. He plans to buy a new Surface Book but he doesn’t mention whether to move to another apartment or not.

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