A stunning model from Chicago, USA, claims she has it with the world’s famous dating app Tinder because it deleted her account for being too attractive. Luna Benna, 21, now lives in Florida, earns a great living by sharing sexy snaps online.

The viral model has over 1.2 million followers on Instagram. She was single for three years before finding her love. Luna signed up for the dating app in 2017 and received tons of attention, gifts, holidays, and money from men. Some have even proposed to her!

Luna Benna 17
The model still managed to find a partner via the dating app

Luna admits she was young, dumb then. “I received so many odd and silly messages during my time on Tinder", she said. The model did go on some dates with several single matches, but the results were disastrous.

Though saying she matched with people she really liked and did lots of texting and FaceTiming, Luna only met up with a couple of them. But there was one super awkward experience where the date said her presence was so powerful it made him uncomfortable.

Luna Benna 15
Luna had some awkward experiences with Tinder

After a while, Luna was kicked out of the app altogether. "From time to time, people would threaten me, on Tinder, for being too good-looking", the model said. Users often stole her images and even used them to make money. Catfishing, basically.

Because there were so many fake accounts on Tinder after hers, whenever Luna started a legit profile, she got reported. Eventually, Tinder took hers down.

Luna Benna 7
Tinder kicked Luna since there were too many fake accounts

Since the model also changes her look very often, the scammers have even more options to work with. There's even a fake Facebook of hers that someone else makes. It currently has thousands of followers!”.

Moreover, many of the fake accounts use Luna’s image to describe themselves as escorts or sex workers. The young model tried confronting them, but they would just block her. Luckily, Luna has managed to find her current partner on Tinder just before she was banned.

Luna Bella
She already has a boyfriend