In the entertainment industry, especially in the streaming community, accusations over female streamers for sexualizing their presences are not rare. Hot female streamers like Pokimane, Alinity, and InvaderVie have all been the subjects for criticism centering around their ways of building careers relying on their good looks. Pokimane, particularly, has even been accused of faking her single life for gaining donations from male subscribers.

Normally, female streamers always try to dodge questions relating to their problematic way of building images. Pokimane adopts this method so effectively that she has managed to whitewash and move on so quickly from her scandalous past. Regarding the over-sexualization issue, “helenalive” probably was the first one to be completely honest. She chose to confront the problem very directly by admitting the attempt to sexualize her streams for views. The fact that she didn’t even try to make justification for her action has blown the Internet away.

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Twitch streamer Helena (aka Helenalive) is one of a few female streamers who are straightforward about the idea of sexualizing themselves for more views and donations

Helene, also known as “helenalive” under her channel’s name, is an ‘IRL’ streamer and concurrently a gamer who plays classics like Warcraft, Dota 2 to League of Legends. The famous streamer has recently sparked controversy when she got caught wearing her hoodie in an unusual way. From the video right below, you can see that she was not wearing it normally.

This seemingly-trivial detail caused one of her viewers to raise questions about whether she knew how to wear it properly. The question apparently got on her nerves as she responded very straightforwardly. In the stream, she affirmed that she knew how to wear a hoodie correctly but she wanted to gain affection from men by looking sexier.

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“ I want guys to look at me like a hot piece of m**t. So I wear it like that because I know my place as a woman”, the streamer said.

Her surprisingly honest statement has broken the internet as she might have become the first streamer to do that. Unlike those who distanced themselves from the awkward conversations, Helena handled it so forthrightly.

Back in February 2019, she got banned from Twitch for making comments indicating that there are no more than 2 genders. Finding her comments were extremely inappropriate and strongly offensive to the LGBTQ+ community, Twitch decided to take action. Take a look at some 'thic' photos of her right below:

Helenalive 2
Having a seductive figure and stunning appearance, Helenalive never shies away from making use of her strong points to rack up more views and subscription
Helenalive 3
In fact, attracting views with sexual content is becoming more popular among female streamers on Twitch
Helenalive 4
She is also popular on other social media channels like Instagram with lakhs of followers

Helenalive 5

Helenalive 6

Helenalive 7

Helenalive 9

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