The Chinese man in this incident is a piece of evidence to show us why we shouldn’t hold pee for a long time, especially after we drink beer or alcohol. Keeping our bladder empty is also as important as doing exercises frequently. You can face lots of complications in the future if you have a habit of holding your pee.

Holding Pee
Holding pee isn't good for your health.

According to a report from Times Now, a man had an unhappy experience after holding his urine for a long time. It didn’t worth mentioning if he had drunk too much in the previous night. As a result, he lost bladder control and led to a bladder rupture.

The man in this story was Hu, aged 40. He was later immediately taken to the Zhuji People’s Hospital in the province of Zhejiang, China. The report pointed out that he stopped urinating for up to 18 hours. It’s not hard to imagine how painful he felt as the bladder rupture took place.

Urinary Bladder Rupture
Especially after drinking much beer.

The man was heavily drunk and slept without any awareness until abdominal pains tormented him. In an interview with the media, a doctor revealed that his pains were so intensive that he couldn’t even lie flat.

Accordingly, he had drunk over 10 beers and slept almost all day. He didn’t even go to the restroom just one time. At the hospital, he got a bladder scan and the result showed that there were three tears in his bladder.

The bladder can contain about 350-500ml fluid.

Doctors then carried out an emergency operation to help him repair his bladder rupture. It was lucky that the operation was a success and the patient wouldn't reportedly face any complications. Hu has now recovered at home. In the future, he may not dare to hold his pee once more time.

The hospital further added that when we consume fluids, our bladder can enlarge enough to contain about 350-500ml fluid.