A Japanese mask manufacturer has purchased many faces, or to get more specific, purchased the rights to use and simulate faces from people who are willing to sell this kind of special product, to make ultra-realistic masks. This unique and partly creepy idea has drawn a lot of attention on the Internet.

3d Printed Mask Human

Since a Tokyo-based company named Kamenya Omoto announced its plan to pay $380 (about Rs 27.6k) for those who are willing to allow it to make hyper-realistic masks based on their real faces. The finished products are then on sale at $750 (about Rs 54.5k). If a mask becomes popular, its owner also benefits from the company’s business. The controversial project is known as “That Face” - that is supposed to establish a sci-fi turning point to allow people to purchase and sell others’ faces without any restriction.

While privacy rights and private data have become more important than ever, the idea of earning money by selling people’s faces seems rather strange but it worth mentioning that many have felt interested in this special business. Accordingly, after revealing its plan to the public, Kamenya Otomo has received multiple related requests and questions. Although its project is now just available in Tokyo, the company then decides to choose face models by drawing the lottery.

There are no complicated criteria to “sell faces”: the providers are beyond 20 and live in Tokyo. However, the chosen ones have to keep their identities secret. Their private information is also completely confidential by the mask maker, even the team who is involved in the manufacturing process knows nothing.

Furthermore, customers in love with wearing a mask that is based on the faces of others can pre-order the ready-made masks. If they want more choices, it will take them more time to get the latest updates from the company.

Hyper Realistic Masks

On its website, Kamenya Omoto once again announces its project to purchase and sell the faces of people. The company emphasizes that sci-fi stories now become true and no one can guess what’s going on if the world is covered by the same faces.

It is said that Kamenya Omoto is not the first Japanese company to make hyper-realistic face masks. Back in 2011, another company called REAL-f had a similar plan for those who were willing to spend money. Each mask was estimated at about $2,650 (about Rs 192.8k) and such a huge amount obviously made its potential customers wonder whether it deserves a try or not. However, according to the reactions Kamenya Omoto has recently received, maybe it’s now the right time to develop this special business.

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