The long-sleeved crop top is split open at the chest, emphasizing plenty of curves. Those brave enough to wear these will definitely risk a wardrobe malfunction. Just a slight movement or a breeze could easily gape everything once going outside. But it doesn’t stop these Instagram models from posing with the saucy outfit. 

Aneeqa Farid

The stunning Canadian model rocked the look as we wore the skimmy crop top to a restaurant. Risking every possible consequence, the model went all out, dropping people’s jaws to the ground along the way. After 24 hours of initial posting, her racy snap has garnered over 28,400 likes on the picture sharing social media. Fans could not say anything more but “Wow” and praise their goddess’ beauty. 

Aneeqa Farid 1

Aneeqa Farid 2

Aneeqa Farid 3

Aneeqa Farid 4

Mariana Santos 

The model styled the tiny crop top with a pair of leather pants, toning her figure. She matched the silver chains that help the garment together with hoop earrings to create a unique look. Her snaps on Instagram quickly racked up 34,800 likes on the retailer Fashion Nova’s page. 

Mariana Santos 1

Mariana Santos 2

Mariana Santos 3

Mariana Santos 4

Annabelle Hayes

Annabelle took off to the car park for her photoshoot with the eye-popping crop top. The burgundy shade garment is paired with high heels and a car - headlights turning on. The unique setting brings the posts 49,600 likes and tons of positive comments. 

Annabelle Hayes 1

Annabelle Hayes 2

Annabelle Hayes 3

Annabelle Hayes 4

Angela Babicz

The American bombshell wore the tiny crop top recently. She posed the appealing top with leather trousers and strappy heels. 

Angela Babicz 1

Angela Babicz 2

Angela Babicz 3

Angela Babicz 4

Gul Bahari 

The fashion influencer flaunted in the wine-colored garment. She kept things casual by wearing the revealing top with a pair of waist-high jeans. The snap still brings back over 32,500 likes online.

Gul Bahari  1

Gul Bahari  2

Gul Bahari  4

Gul Bahari  3

To our knowledge, this tiny crop top is the new fashion trend of 2020. These influencers are hired by a retailer named Fashion Nova to promote their products. It’s surely brave of these models to risk all the consequences and flaunt their bodies in the bare-there garment.