2019 is indeed a successful year for Marvel, even though it is only the first half of the year. With Captain Marvel hitting the big screen, Marvel has introduced one of the heart-stealing characters in MCU to its fans (besides our Captain Marvel, starring Brie Larson). In the movie, Carol Danvers made a new friend named Goose, which she believed to be a cat.

The so-called cat plays an important part in the solo movie of Captain Marvel in particular and in Marvel Cinematic Universe in general. In the shape of a cat, Goose is actually a flerken – a creature from outer space with tentacles emerging from its mouth.

Captain Marvel Goose
Goose in Captain Marvel

In celebration of the Blu-ray release of Captain Marvel, Reggie the cat, which played Goose, has been invited to an interview and shared some interesting yet important things about MCU.  

As a fan of this furry friend, one may notice that in the fourth Avengers, Goose didn’t take part in the big battle against Thanos and his army. In Captain Marvel, this seemingly harmless cat has shallowed the Tesseract, keeping one of the Infinity Stones in its stomach for a while. With quite a history with an Infinity Stone, Goose was offended as our hero didn’t call it for help. Had the Avengers asked the flerken to give them a hand (or a paw), they might have solved the titan easier.

Screenshot 1
The interview with Goose

When being asked whether it can easily wear the Infinity Gauntlet – the powerful figure in MCU -  Goose answered with confidence that it could do by picking the “true” mouse. Considering its ability, this might be true but look at that tiny paw, will the gauntlet fit?

For the question “Could you beat Groot in a fight?”, Goose seemed to have a lot of difficulties answering. It was a tough question for it. Probably it wants to keep a peaceful relationship with other members of the team. However, Reggie didn’t feel like becoming a member of the Guardians of the Galaxy, which means it is not likely that this furry friend will show up in the third vol. of the Guardians.

As one of the new favorite characters in MCU, the fans are looking forward to the comeback of Reggie the cat – or Goose the flerken – in the future MCU movies. For now, you can check it out on Captain Marvel when the movie hits Blu-ray on June 11.