Jack Black has recently released another video on his Youtube channel Jablinski Games. In this video, the actor is occupying himself in the melody of Megalovania and sings out loud this classic song from phenomenal game Undertale.

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A scene in Jack Black's latest video

The netizens are still a bit flabbergasted by Jack Black’s channel, Jablinski Games, which is told to be about “gaming, food, and life.” People are wondering if this is a kind of prank if the actor will ever literally talk about gaming content or it just an unpleasant fever dream. No one can answer that. However, it is true that Jack Black’s singing iconic song Megalovania is definitely fascinating.

Black goes back to a traditional arcade, Round1 Amusement Park in Santa Ana, CA. The very first thing he does then is, not playing games, but “dropping a deuce”. Afterward, he takes his chance to dance on an arcade game before moving on to Groove Coaster. It is where you’ll see him singing Undertale’s Megalovania, in his unique Jack Black style.

Having enough fun with Undertale, Jack Black continues his gaming adventure with some real-life bowling and Kung Fu Panda Dojo Mojo next. His son also joins him in the later game. He ends his video after working up a sweat on the dance floor.

Nobody can deny that the way Jack Black approach gaming content is peculiar. Maybe this explains the success he gets on his Youtube channel. The figure for Jablinski Games’ subscribers has rocketed to more than two million right after his very first video. The number of subscribers now stands at approximately 3.2 million and his four videos attract from 2.9 to 9.5 views for each.

Relating to Undertale, the community is back in hot water with the controversy between Toby Fox, who created Undertale, and well-known Game Theory Youtuber, MatPat. Besides, most people now turn their attention to Deltarune. The project, however, is still in its demo stage and the release date remains indefinite.

It has never been crystal clear about what Jack Black is going to present on his coming video, or what his increasing Youtube followers should anticipate. But you want to see his Undertale song performance, check it out on the following video. In the meantime, for your information, Undertale is now available on Nintendo Switch, PC and PS4.