Known as the first and most popular theme park in the world, Disneyland is an ideal destination for visitors to escape from the reality and enter a colorful fanciful land with countless live entertainment, fireworks shows, parades, and more. It has attracted huge interest from many countries across the world including the land of the rising sun, Japan.

SOD Land is in Tokyo's red-light district of Kabukicho

Inspired by Disneyland, Japanese adult movie company Soft On Demand has recently introduced its adult theme park called SOD Land. This theme park, in fact, is just a building that is promoted to be SOD’s dreamland for men. It is scheduled to open in October this year.

According to SOD director Yoshiaki Nomoto, the company planned to open this theme park before the COVID-19 pandemic hasn’t broken out. SOD is also preparing for everything to cope with the new challenge, without any hesitation. It is not the first time SOD has developed this kind of theme park. The company has run two bars in Akihabara and Nakano whose employees include SOD’s adult actresses. This time, SOD Land reportedly has a larger scale and consists of a 5-floor amusement park.

Japan Soft On Demand

On the first floor, visitors can pay bills, shop at souvenir shops, take photos, and play gachapon. Meanwhile, the basement allows them to meet newbie actresses who are going to release a new movie or enjoy a convenient standing bar. The second floor is the place in which visitors can have a seat and drink with girls who provide fuzoku services like in hostess bars or massage bars.

The third floor is considered as the key one of this unique service in which the most popular actresses have a drink with their customers, while SOD actresses appear in bikinis to serve the drink to customers on the fourth floor or Silence Bar. However, on this floor, they offer their services via a one-way mirror and are not allowed to talk with each other to ensure their customers enjoy every moment.

Adult Theme Park Japan

Additionally, Soft On Demand will apply many prevention methods of COVID-19 such as checking customers’ temperature before they actually start enjoying all services at the new theme park. They are also required to wear a face mask when moving inside the building.

It worth mentioning that SOD spends lots of money establishing a three-layer protection system including non-alcohol disinfectants and ultraviolet rays (that is used to determine the temperature of customers’ upper bodies in all rooms), and the most advanced air-conditioning system.

Unlike common hostess bars in which customers have to pay fees for what employees consume, SOD Land intends to collect a fee for only what customers order and the additional fee of 500 JPY (about Rs349) every 30 minutes. The theme park is scheduled to open on October 10.

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