It may be a nightmare if there is no air conditioner at home or in the office to remove the summer heat. When summer comes, we all remember the father of modern air conditioner, Willis Carrier. Back in 1902, the US engineer created the first electrical air conditioning unit that has changed our life completely.

Wearable Air Conditioner
The wearable air conditioner helps users remove the summer heat.

Media has recently reported that on July 01, Sony has officially sold a cooling device called The Reon Pocket that promises to satisfy our dreams to take the air conditioner away.

Sony reveals that its newly-released product can help increase the body temperature by 8 degrees Celsius or decrease it by 13 degrees Celsius. Accordingly, wearers need to install the Reon Pocket in the position behind their special undershirt’s neck before accessing the app on their smart devices to control the temperature.

Reon Pocket
The Reon Pocket is placed behind the neck of the undershirt.

The wearable air conditioner can run continuously for 90 minutes, and its standby time lasts more than 24 hours after a single charge. According to the manufacturer, users just need to spend two hours charging it fully.

Reon Pocket Conditioner
Feeling cool in even hot summer days when going out is no longer an issue.

Last summer, the crowdfunding project of the Reon Pocket managed to collect 66 million yen (about Rs4.6 crore) before Sony officially developed the new-gen air conditioner.

For those who have an intention to buy one, the retail price of this product is reportedly estimated at about 13,000 yen (about Rs9000). In addition, you also need to buy a special undershirt at 1,800 yen (over Rs 1,200).

It is great that customers can purchase the Reon Pocket on online shopping sites or at electronic stores in Japan.

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