Katrina Kaif Banters With Arjun Kapoor Again: "Did You Lose Something"?

BlackFox - Feb 29, 2020 | Viral

It's supposed to be a great picture of Arjun Kapoor being cool, but Katrina Kaif didn't think so!

The trolling chat between the Bollywood starlet Katrina Kaif and her friend - the famous actor Arjun Kapoor is not a new story to the media anymore. This BFF couple is very active on Instagram, on which they often give each other the comments with wrong vibes to spoil the mood and have some fun.

Katrina Kaif Trolled Arjun Kapoor Instagram 5
Katrina Kaif and Arjun Kapoor often drop playful comments on the other's pictures

Lately, we've seen Arjun Kapoor is more of the offensive side, as he teased Katrina Kaif on her two latest pictures. So, it's time for the actress to take her revenge. On the event of Arjun Kapoor uploading a cool picture of himself posing with a perfect quiff hairstyle and a pair of sunglasses, Katrina immediately found a way to ruin the sporty and cool mood of the picture.

You can have a look at it with Gurugamer below:

Katrina Kaif on Arjun Kapoor's picture: "Did you lose something?"

Arjun Kapoor has posted a stylized picture of himself in a sporty denim shirt and sunglasses, quiff hairstyle and posing with like he's adjusting his hair with one hand on the head. The image was supposed to show the manly and handsome look of the actor, but his friend - Katrina Kaif didn't want to miss this chance to pay her revenge.

Katrina Kaif Trolled Arjun Kapoor Instagram 1
Arjun Kapoor looks cool and sporty in this image, but Katrina Kaif didn't think so

So, Katrina immediately dropped a comment on the picture: "What happened did u lose something??". Now that comment triggers a new look into the picture, making people feel that instead of acting cool and sporty, Arjun Kapoor actually looks very confusing, just like he's trying to find something he had lost! What a great humor sense from Katrina Kaif.

Katrina Kaif Trolled Arjun Kapoor Instagram 2
Katrina's comments gots a lot of likes for her humor

The comment immediately got 1,600 like by now with a lot of replies from fans going "aww" at the chemistry of the actor and the actress. Arjun is also one of them, replied: "I lost your number!!!, Send here now please".

The previous times when Arjun trolled Katrina

This funny tradition between Arjun Kapoor and Katrina Kaif has started for a while. Last time, it's Arjun on the attacking side, when he continuously dropped trolling comments on Katrina's pictures.

On the picture where Katrina wears a blue bikini and posing near a pillar by the beach, Arjun has warned his friend that she should be aware of where she is going and that she should avoid hitting the pillar while posing.

Katrina Kaif Trolled Arjun Kapoor Instagram 3
Katrina Kaif with the bikini staying near the pillar seems very dangerous to Arjun Kapoor

On another picture featuring Katrina Kaif walking for an award show with sunglasses and glamorous costumes, Arjun has jumped right in to add more spicy flavor to the mood. "Wear it during the day, not at night" - said Arjun on Katrina's sunglasses. He continues by hoping that his friend would not trip on the stage with that sunglasses on in the evening.

Katrina Kaif Trolled Arjun Kapoor Instagram 4
It's the way how close friends greet each other!

That's why Arjun's latest picture can't be a better chance for Katrina to pay her revenge, and she has given the best comments possible. On another story, Katrina Kaif is waiting to take part in the legendary cop movie Sooryavanshi with Akshay Kumar - one of the most awaited movies of 2020.

10 Most Anticipated Bollywood Movies 2020 4
Akshay Kumar and Katrina Kaif in 2020's Sooryavanshi


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