The leading mission of a makeup artist aims to enhance the beauty of humans, but some are good at taking full advantage of their skills to show their boundless creativity.

Banana Hand


Three years ago, Mimi Choi decided to give up her career as a preschool teacher and immediately made a powerful impression on the netizens due to her weird and unique body-painting illusions. And until now, the number of her fans have kept increasing dramatically. The girl from Vancouver, Canada manages to attract about 13 lakh followers on Instagram.

In an interview with Bored Panda, Mimi Choi said that she fell in love with painting and makeup since she was a child. However, she never thought that she would follow this interesting career. After graduation, she became a preschool teacher in Montessori.

Black Face

The pro makeup artist also revealed that, although she loved teaching children so much, she always felt stressed whenever wearing a uniform and complying with all standards. That’s why she often expressed herself by drawing something on her hands or legs at night. Her mom was the first one to pay attention and advise her to learn how to make up.

Thanks to her family’s support, Mimi Choice studied at a makeup school in Vancouver and befriended many talented instructors and friends. And once again, her passion and love with makeup artistry started percolating in her mind.

Cake Leg

In the first Halloween holiday when still studying makeup artistry, she tried to copy a photo on the Internet. Then, she shared on Instagram and received lots of positive reviews. Since then, she has felt more confident to follow this style.

The young makeup artist added that she feels she never lacks the creative ideas with her favorite style of art. She mainly draws on faces but that doesn’t mean she can’t show her great imagination on legs, hands, fingers, toes, and bodies.

Mimi Choi said that she is just an amateur in the pro makeup field but she hopes that her story will inspire many people who desire to follow their passions.

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Mimi Choi

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