Being the great-granddaughter of the Ramayana marker Ramanand Sagar, Sakshi Chopra knows how to make headlines in a completely different way in comparison to her ancestor. In fact, she is considered one of the boldest star kids in Bollywood who never shies away from posting raunchy pics and making shocking statements on the internet. Today, let’s find out some interesting information about Ramanand Sagar’s great granddaughter Sakshi Chopra and some of her best photos.

Sakshi Chopra
Sakshi Chopra is one of a few rebellious star kid who dared to make different and controversial things despite the family reputation

Born in Mumbai in 1997, Sakshi Chopra is the daughter of Bollywood filmmaker Moti Sagar and acclaimed producer Meenakshi Sagar. Above of them all, the most famous member of her family is none other than the legendary filmmaker Ramanand Sagar, whose name is widely heard for the immoral TV series Ramayana.

When it comes to Sakhi Chopra, the star kid steals the headline in her own way. Instead of entering the Bollywood industry, she has a huge passion for music that she studied to become a singer and songwriter. After completing a degree in the True School of Music, she went to study abroad at The Lee Strasberg Theatre & Film Institute in the US. In addition to that, she is also a media influencer who has more than 5 lakh followers on Instagram.

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Sakshi Chopra
The young star kid steal the spotlight for her stunning and bold sense of fashion
She never shies from flaunting her assets including going topless on social media
Sakshi Chopra 5
The star kid has a huge love with bikini as she has been spotted donning different styles iof bikini in her selfies

In fact, she has been nurturing her passion since being 10. Apart from her personal IG account, Chopra also has a Youtube channel where you can find all of her works, including the first music video Feeling Good which is a remake of Nina Simone’s iconic number. The video received a lot of positive comments from her followers.

Apart from the reputation, the young star also is in controversies for a couple of times. A few years ago, she was spotted in the middle of a spat against another star kid, Alay F at a party. In addition to that, Chopra also received mixed opinions about posting bold and even nude photos of her on social media. However, the 23-yo star kid stated in one of her posts that she is living the life she wants and does not pay attention to what other people think.

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Sakshi Chopra 4

Sakshi Chopra 3

Sakshi Chopra 2

Sakshi Chopra Creating Fire On The Internet 201910

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