There are many great feelings in the world, and one of them is setting up a perfect prank for your friends and watching their reaction along the way. However, this should be kept within close friends.

However, you cannot disguise an intentionally harmful action as a prank for strangers, especially streamers and Youtubers – who actually work quite hard to create original content for us every day.

And that is the case of YouTuber ‘Dr1ven Industries’. This guy is a Youtuber about mental health and suicide prevention. However, this noble action of his may not be welcomed by many people. Just recently, he was involved in an attack from some unkind individuals.

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Dr1ven Industries

The incident happened on March 11th. Dr1ven Industries was being on the late minutes of his stream at that day when a swat team poured into his house due to some call reporting that he had murdered his wife and taken his son as a hostage.

Of course, this accusation was 100% wrong. Dr1ven has no son, and his wife was not in the house at the time of that stream. However, this incident with the police did not scare Dr1ven Industries. In fact, it made him even braver when he has uploaded the footage of police searching his house in a message for the swatter.

In the video about the incident as well as the message for the swatter, Dr1ven Industries managed to keep a professional and polite manner (yeah he did use some swear words, but that should not be the point we focus on). But he proved that he should not be messed with: he promised to follow the case to the “furthest extent of the law.” His first action was to hire two detectives to dig into this case.

“What you attempted to do, you failed at it,” Dr1ven Industries said to the swatter. “And if you want to try it again with me - bring it.”

His video has since received tons of support from the mental health community. No one can accept such action toward a person trying to help the society.

Dr1ven Industries Comments
Supportive comments for Dr1ven Industries

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