At the 2019 International Shanghai Film Festival that began last weekend, attendees got a glimpse at what appeared to be the very first look at director Paul W.S. Anderson’s Monster Hunter, an upcoming movie adaptation of the popular video game franchise of the same name. A teaser trailer was shown at the festival, demonstrating some footages from the movie. Naturally, someone decided to film the entire experience on their phone and shared on the Internet for everyone to see, so you can watch it right below:

Obviously, the image quality is quite poor due to this being a camera recording, and there is not a lot happening in the trailer to begin with. We saw some small shots of the stars Milla Jovovich and Tony Jaa as well as some other members of the cast, In addition to that, there is a scene where a Diablos pops out of the sand, and then right at the end, the silhouette of another monster – presumably Rathalos – appears behind a wall of flame and rushes towards the screen.

Monster Hunter Movie Diablos
Diablos pops out from the sand, as seen in the teaser

While many fans are skeptical about this game-based movie (for good reasons too, considering that none of them have been successful so far), it seems that at least the monster designs stay pretty close to the source material.

Monster Hunter the movie was revealed quite some time ago, and since then director Anderson and the filming crew have been shooting in several locations across the world. Actress Jovovich has shared a few on-set pictures on her social media accounts as well.

Monster Hunter 1175454 1280x0
The movie stars Milla Jovovich and Tony Jaa

This is not the first time Anderson has worked with a video game IP either. Previously, he was the one who helmed the first Mortal Kombat film as well as multiple Resident Evil movies. While not all of his products were well-received, it’s clear that the director has a certain fascination with games.

In other news, Monster Hunter: World is getting a new expansion titled Iceborne. Check out our coverage of that here.