YouTube has a strict set of rules to ban sex and nudity content in which states “content like pornography that’s meant to be sexually gratifying is not allowed on YouTube.” And therefore, when pornographic content is available on this platform, it can be immediately removed or the creator’s channel can be suspended.

Naked Yoga

These rules are so strict that a YouTuber has recently received a strike due to his video containing naked images and pornographic content, although the thumbnail on his Overwatch streaming session was just a Pharah fanart, and of course, without any nudity.

However, according to a new report, there are thousands of videos of naked women in sexy poses when you search for keywords such as Naked/Nude Yoga on YouTube. Although these videos are age-restricted, they are available on the search results. It is obvious that users can easily ignore the age restriction because it is unnecessary to verify their age when creating a Google account.

Pornhub Yoga
Some of these videos derive from Pornhub.

The description of such videos is given as below: this video doesn’t contain pornographic content or this video is created for educational or documentary purposes, or this channel is created to provide health education so that people can improve their lifestyle. It worth mentioning that the videos aren’t all originals. Almost all of such videos contain adult content and even are extracted directly from Pornhub - a famous pornographic website.

In fact, there are many groups of nude/naked Yoga in some countries such as the United States, and some YouTube channels are actually created for educational purposes. However, the majority of these videos are made by real yoga trainers, instead of deploying such content.

Youtube Naked Yoga

There have been no movements from YouTube to remove the naked/nude Yoga videos. It seems that this famous platform continues to categorize them as a kind of educational method on liberal arts.

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