The Division movie was recently informed to audiences by Ubisoft at its press conference at 2019’s E3 2019. Netflix is now cooperating with Ubisoft to produce a movie adaption of the game series. It means that this movie should be available on the well-known streaming service once it is released.

The movie will be available on popular streaming

The partnership between Netflix and Ubisoft was announced during The Divison announcements section. Creative Director at Red Storm, Terry Spier, himself took the stage to tell the audiences about the details of the first three episodes of the game’s post-launch content.

The Creative Director gave out some information at the conference

At the end of the speech, he mentioned the developments in The Divison movie. He spoiled that The Division movie will be starring  Jake Gyllenhaal together with Jessica Chastain. Jack was actually already in the cast list back in those years when the film was first announced. Much as audiences are fully aware of where to search for the film, they are still left with a big question about the official release date. The information regarding this question is promised to be revealed later.

The Division Movie 2 1560254904138
The Division movie will be starring  Jake Gyllenhaal together with Jessica Chastain

As for the post-launch content of The Division 2, some previews of the first 2 episodes were shown to the audiences. However, as for the third episode, the company decided to release a cinematic trailer. And it surprised players by showing a special location.

Division2 Thumb 1534944632824 1280w
The Division 2 will take place in D.C

As seen in the trailer, the sequel takes place in D.C, while the characters are seen on Coney Island. This means that in Ep. 03, players will be taken back to New York, where the 1st Division took place. The trailer indicated that the players’ mission will be a manhunt. The details of this manhunt are not yet specified. But rumors said that it will be related to someone who used to be in a close relationship with the group.

The mission will be a manhunt

Nevertheless, don’t look forward to this coming to The Big Apple in the near future yet. Before the content of this post-launch is available to players, there are still 2 more episodes in the waitlist.

Tom Clancy's The Division is now available for PC, Xbox One and PS4.